Fairy Tail’s Hiro Mashima’s on Twitter!

Oct 17, 2012
Fairy Tail’s Hiro Mashima’s on Twitter!

As you may know, Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima is a Twitter fiend. Nearly every day he posts on his feed, @hiro_mashima, sometimes even putting up art we never get to see in print! He only tweets in Japanese, but we’re here to help. Periodically we’ll be posting some translations of his tweets, along with the art that he tosses online.

It occurred to him last month that it might be fun to draw Fairy Tail characters as the opposite sex.

This led to a string of really fun posts.

First up: someone Mashima introduces as “Natsuko.” (“Ko” is a suffix at the end of many girls’ names in Japanese.)

And here's Lucy as a bishonen!

And Elfman as a (rather frightening) girl.

(The text by her head reads, "I'm a MAN... not.")

He also drew Gray-ko. I can definitely see why that character wouldn't necessarily work as a girl...

(Click through for more tweets after the break!)

It was time for the 300th chapter of Fairy Tail to come out in Japan last month too!

To celebrate, Mashima posted a special thank-you drawing…

Which he then claimed was just a joke, and followed with this:

To congratulate Mashima-sensei, Yosuke Kaneda, the manga artist of “Seiten HS Idol Club,” drew Cheria Blendy (a character we haven’t seen yet in English!) and Wendy:

Mashima-sensei’s also kind enough to post some designs that his editors reject and will never see print.

Here’s a proposal for a new armor for Erza that he didn’t end up using. (No idea why.)

Meanwhile, some of Mashima’s tweets are just completely random.

"Mushroom Happy 3-5 HP."

"I’d like a chair like this."

"This kind of Plue'd be creepy."

I guess what we're saying is, you should be following @hiro_mashima on Twitter! (And follow @kodanshausa while you're at it too!)