Sailor Moon 8's here, box is on the way!

Nov 01, 2012
Sailor Moon 8's here, box is on the way!

I'm finally back in the office after three days of being shut up in my apartment. We experienced no damage or power outages, but our thoughts are with all the people here in New York and across the East Coast who were less lucky. The transit system here is still in chaos (the only reason I'm here is that my subway line is one of the only ones back up and running), so if we're a little slow getting back to anyone this week, that's why!

But on to happier topics: Sailor Moon 8 is now available! This incredibly dramatic volume marks the conclusion of the Infinity Arc and the climactic appearance of Sailor Saturn! (Here's my suggested musical accompaniment.) We hope you all enjoy it.

The box sets are also getting ready to go! As you may have heard, they include Vol. 1-6 as well as an exclusive set of stickers. (You can preorder one here.) We sent Stephen Pakula, our production manager, to the printer to check on them a while back, and he took loads of photos of the boxes and books. Those of you who follow us on Twitter may have seen these already, but everyone else -- click "Continue reading" below for a peek behind the scenes!

Stay safe and dry, everyone!