Sailor Moon 9 & Fairy Tail 23

Jan 31, 2013
Sailor Moon 9 & Fairy Tail 23

Sailor Moon 9

We've got two great new books out this week: Sailor Moon 9 and Fairy Tail 23! This volume of Sailor Moon continues the Dead Moon Circus arc, in which the Amazoness Quartet tempts each of the guardians in turn with dreams of a sweeter life. The guardians will have to resist and find a way to come together to save Mamoru and Tokyo from this new evil!

Speaking of Sailor Moon, if you're a fan and you have a Twitter account... well, first of all you should be following us @KodanshaUSA! But you should also give @osabu8 a follow. He's Naoko Takeuchi's editor in Japan, and he loves getting Tweets in English. (He even posts in English himself from time to time.) Our bosses went to Japan this month and met him for the first time, and he's a fantastic guy.



Fairy Tail 23But on to Fairy Tail! In Earth-land, the Edolas arc comes to a violent conclusion! Natsu and the gang fight a massive mechanical dragon, and Mystogan makes a choice that will destroy the world he grew up in.

This is the last volume of Fairy Tail we'll be releasing before the big acceleration in March, so get caught up while you can! As a reminder, starting in March Fairy Tail will be out once a month in print and TWICE a month on our iPad/iPhone app! Yes, we're closing the gap with Japan. It's going to be an amazing year for fans of the dragon slayers!