When Romance and the Undead Collide!

May 28, 2013
When Romance and the Undead Collide!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I eat brains
And I want yours, too!

Zombies and love stories go hand in hand, don’t they? Here at Kodansha, we sure think so! To celebrate the release of our new series SANKAREA, we’re holding a contest to celebrate undead love! The rules are simple: please submit something to us that you think combines both the aspects of DEATH and ROMANCE. The sky’s the limit here, and the more creative you get, the better! You could submit:

  • -A ghastly love letter
  • -A romantic undead ballad
  • -A poem written to (or by) an undead lover
  • -Fanart for Sankarea
  • -A Sankarea cosplay photo
  • -A Sankarea cosplay SKIT (gettin’ fancy, aren’t we?)
  • -Zombie cupcakes (in love) (please someone do this!)
  • -Something even MORE awesome that you come up with!

One grand prize winner will receive a Sankarea pillow (complete with guts inside that you can pull out and play with!) and a copy of Sankarea volume 1! Honorable mentions will receive a copy of volume 1.

Sankarea Contest 1Sankarea Contest 2


You can submit your entries as a comment on this post or email them to [email protected]. Entries are due by Sankarea 1's release date-- June 11th!