NYCC Recap: Attack on Titan Anthology, Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix, new print + digital, & more

Oct 19, 2015
NYCC Recap: Attack on Titan Anthology, Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix, new print + digital, & more

(EDIT: 10.19.2015; originally published 10.11) Whew! Here's our rundown from one power-packed New York Comic Con:

AoT Anthology panel

• Check out just what it was we announced at the standing-room-only Biggest Attack on Titan Manga Announcement Ever panel. Here's a video excerpt of that panel (note: a CONtv account login is required).

• At our regular publishing panel, we confirmed The Seven Deadly Sins anime will be streaming on Netflix from November 1 (trailer at link).


Onto the licenses: we announced two new manga forthcoming to print and digital: Spoof on Titan and I Am Space Dandy

Spoof on Titan (Sungeki no kyojin) is a comedic spinoff of Attack on Titan. Done entirely in a 4-panel format, Spoof on Titan is a fun, lighthearted parody from artist Hounori that brings an absurd sensibility to the series’ beloved settings and characters.

I Am Space Dandy (Ore Space Dandy) features our titular easygoing and forgetful alien hunter, always on the lookout for new species while traveling through space with his robot assistant QT and cat-like alien named Meow. Based on the popular Space Dandy anime, this series also contains original stories not featured in the television show.


• In addition to these new series, we introduced our new digital-only line, made available very soon through all of our eBook outlets (nook, Kobo, iBooks, Kindle, and comiXology). Among the first titles will be several familiar to Crunchyroll Manga streaming readers: zombie-thriller Fort of Apocalypse, survival-battle-thriller As the Gods Will: The Second Series, timeslip-comedy My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san, the mysterious Fuuka, and Moon-mission drama Space Brothers. More details, including release dates, coming soon.


We also re-introduced this website, which in addition to a new look has also been optimized to read on your phone. This will be our hub for breaking news and exclusive access from our New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo offices. If you haven't already, check out new additions like the New Releases page and our latest feature, the Reader, from where you can handily read manga in-browser—fullscreen on your desktop or on any mobile device (including iOS). Several entire Chapter 1s of our most popular and upcoming releases are there now—many more manga to come.

FullSizeRenderFutaba Kikaku Co.,Ltd.
Photo: (from left) Ben Applegate, Anne Ishii, and Yohei Takami. Illustration: NYCC-exclusive print by Adachitoka.

Finally, we had an incredible interview with Noragami: Stray God editor Yohei Takami. (He brought from Tokyo a special illustrated message from Noragami creator Adachitoka, above.) More, from one of the brightest young editors in the industry, coming soon to this space. Thanks for joining us!