All about The Seven Deadly Sins manga: interview, artist video, character profiles, and more


Yes, the anime based on The Seven Deadly Sins manga makes its debut November 1 as a Netflix Original series: catch the trailer and announcement here. And over the next several weeks at Kodansha Comics, we'll have running, exclusive coverage of the manga series that started it all, including:

The first in the Kodansha Comics Interviews series: this time of course with the brilliantly talented artist and creator of The Seven Deadly Sins, Nakaba Suzuki:

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.29.10 PM

The video premiere of Nakaba Suzuki drawing a scene from the most recent chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 1.48.55 PM

• A multi-part Character Profiles series:

The Seven Deadly Sins Character Profiles Part 1
The Seven Deadly Sins Character Profiles Part 2
The Seven Deadly Sins Character Profiles Part 3
5 Best Couples in The Seven Deadly Sins


• Plus, a rare look at the original manuscript of The Seven Deadly Sins—a.k.a. "Chapter X"! What more could ya ask for?


Find out more about The Seven Deadly Sins manga series published by your friends at Kodansha Comics: