The Seven Deadly Sins Character Profiles Part 1

Oct 27, 2015
The Seven Deadly Sins Character Profiles Part 1

So just who are The Seven Deadly Sins? Other than the fact that they are the most wanted criminals in the world, very little has been known about them ... until now. Here's Part 1 in our series of full profiles of the main characters of The Seven Deadly Sins by Nakaba Suzuki


A.K.A: The Dragon Sin of Wrath

The Captain of The Seven Deadly Sins

The captain of the legendary knighthood “The Seven Deadly Sins” that was scattered and unaccounted for after becoming wanted criminals following the false accusation that they had assassinated the Chief Holy Knight ten years ago. He’s the main character of the story and presides over the Dragon Sin of Wrath. At first glance, he looks like a young boy, but his appearance actually hasn’t changed in over sixteen years.

He has an optimistic personality and does things at his own pace. He cares for his comrades and has a strong sense of leadership. He’s the owner of the mobile tavern Boar’s Hat and answered Elizabeth’s plea to save her kingdom, embarking on a journey to find the rest of his Seven Deadly Sins comrades. He’s bound very strongly to Elizabeth and enjoys, uh, teasing her as a hobby. He doesn’t let things upset him and has an extremely high capacity for combat.

He used to be a Chief Holy Knight in the kingdom of Danafor, which suddenly disappeared long ago, but ended up being the very person to bring demise to Danafor when he lost himself to his Wrath. His Dragon Sin of Wrath seems to originate from this incident. The hilt of the broken blade he always carries around with him is a fragment of the key to reviving the Demon Race, the “Coffin of Eternal Darkness.”


Height: 152 cm
Weight: 50 kg 
Race: demon? 
Birthday: July 25th 
Age: over 3000? 
Blood Type:
Dominant Hand: left 
Knight Rank: formerly Diamond 
Magic Power Creation: reflects an opponent’s magic back at him 
Specialty: teasing Elizabeth 
Hobby: collecting Ales 
Daily Activity: teasing Elizabeth 
Favorite Food: pork boiled in ale 
Charming Point: my cowlick
Complex: none 
Someone You Look Up to: Captain of the Knighthood of Scraps Disposal (j/k) 
Someone You Wouldn’t Want as an Enemy: Merlin

meliodas 5

Weapon: Demon Sword Lostvayne. A curved blade with five holes along its middle. It has the emblem of a dragon carved into it. Meliodas sold it to provide the initial capital to open the Boar’s Hat. Its effectiveness is currently unknown.


A.K.A: The Goddess Disciple

The Third Princess of Liones

She is the third princess of Liones. In order to save her kingdom, which is suffering because of the coup d'état led by the Holy Knights, she set out on a journey to find Meliodas and his Seven Deadly Sins. She is the heroine of our story. She tends to come off as endlessly curious and eager to learn, but her default personality is very calm and mild. She’ll be kind toward anyone, is a bit of a crybaby, is shy, and unresisting. But as a princess of the kingdom she is both elegant and has a steadfast resolve.

Her curvy body makes her the daily target of Meliodas’ boorish behavior, but though embarrassed by it, she isn’t that bothered by it. She is not technically related to the king of Liones, but rather hails from the kingdom of Danafor. She herself didn’t know this, but it was later revealed by Hendrickson that she is a maiden of the Druid clan: a Goddess Disciple. It is said that her body is the “key” to freeing the Demon Race that had been sealed away.


Height: 162 cm
Weight: that’s a secret! 
Race: human (Druid clan) 
Birthday: June 12th 
Age: 16 
Blood Type: O
Dominant Hand: right
Title: Third Princess
Specialty: none 
Hobby: handicrafts
Daily Activity: helping out at the tavern 
Favorite Food: apple pie 
Charming Point: my earring 
Complex: my right eye 
Someone You Look Up to: my father and Zaratras 
Someone You Wouldn’t Want as an Enemy: anybody

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.08.31 PM

Secret Power: The Eye of the Goddess Disciple. Her right eye, usually hidden behid her hair, can only be seen when her Goddess Disciple powers have awoken. She can demonstrate healing powers, but along with the true identity behind the triple-prong mark reflected in her eye, that power is still shrouded in many a mystery.


Name: HAWK

The Show Pig of The Boar's Hat

A mysterious talking pig that works at Boar’s Hat along with Meliodas. He is the series’ mascot-like character. For some reason, Ban calls him his “master.” Since meeting Meliodas, who had been accused of the crime of turning on the kingdom and subsequently lost consciousness, he’s been by his side. He acts tough and has a haughty attitude, but he’s also the kind of guy you just can’t hate, with a strong sense of duty and care for his friends.

He’s Meliodas’ best friend and a good partner. His task at Boar’s Hat is deposing of the scraps. He would risk his life for leftovers, he loves them that much. The leftovers from what Meliodas cooks make up the bulk of his diet. Apparently, he took a liking to the name he made up in Chapter 1, “the Knighthood of Scraps Disposal,” and proclaims himself the captain of said knighthood. For being a pig, he possesses an incomparable fighting ability and demonstrates a colorful array of finishing moves and carrying capacity. He sometimes will volunteer to take on difficult albeit crucial roles. In the decisive battle played out in the capital, Hendrickson’s dark magic almost took his life, but he came back.


Stature: length - 100cm / height - 50cm
Weight: 140 kg 
Species: pig 
Birthday: August 6th 
Age: 16 
Blood Type:
Dominant Hand:
Title: show pig 
Specialty: sniffing out leftovers from 1.2 miles away 
Hobby: eating leftovers 
Daily Activity: scraps disposal 
Favorite Food: leftovers (not a fan of beef) 
Charming Point: my clover mark 
Complex: none 
Someone You Look Up to: if I had to say, it’s me 
Someone He Wouldn’t Want as an Enemy: if I had to say, it’s me

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of The Seven Deadly Sins Character Profiles(This content originally ran in The Seven Deadly Sins: Official Fan Book "Kaitai-Shin-Sho".)

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