The Seven Deadly Sins Character Profiles Part 2

Oct 28, 2015
The Seven Deadly Sins Character Profiles Part 2

So just who are The Seven Deadly Sins? Other than the fact that they are the most wanted criminals in the world, very little has been known about them … until now. Here's Part 2 in our series of character profiles of the main cast of The Seven Deadly Sins by Nakaba Suzuki

(Continued from The Seven Deadly Sins Character Profiles Part 1)

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A.K.A: The Serpent Sin of Envy

The member of The Seven Deadly Sins who bears the Serpent Sin of Envy. She is a daughter of the Giant Clan who boasts the strongest superhuman strength out of all the other members. She joined the adventure in the Forest of White Dreams and always wears clothes that she learned how to make from King. Despite having the sensibility and body of someone in her teenage years, Giants live long lives, and Diane is already over 700 years old. 

She refers to herself in a slightly boyish way and has a competitive and spirited personality. However, she’s smitten with Meliodas, who saved her and first saw her as a “woman,” and wishes to be small so that she can marry and have children with him. At first, she was very cold toward Elizabeth because of her close proximity to Meliodas, but along their journey she’s become her one and only best friend.

The circumstances around her Serpent Sin of Envy are as of yet unclear. Those of the Giant Clan have a close connection with the earth and have the inherent magic power of Creation. She’s the giant showgirl at Boar’s Hat. She can’t handle bugs.

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A Meeting in Her Childhood

When she was young, she saved Harlequin (King) after he was seriously injured and had lost all his memories. For several centuries, the two of them ate and slept together, forming a deep bond. The two really loved each other, but before Harlequin surrendered himself to the kingdom for the crime placed on him of Helbram’s slaughters, he erased Diane’s memories. Even after The Seven Deadly Sins were formed, she still doesn’t remember what happened back then.

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Height: 915 cm
Weight: That’s a secret! 
Race: Giant 
Birthday: December 24th 
Age: approx. 750 
Blood Type:
Dominant Hand: right 
Knight Rank: formerly Diamond 
Magic Power Creation: manipulates the earth and minerals 
Specialty: hunting 
Hobby: none
Daily Activity: being peppy 
Favorite Food: pork
Charming Point: my pigtails 
Complex: my height 
Someone You Look Up to: Matrona 
Someone You Wouldn’t Want as an Enemy: Escanor
Weapon: War Hammer Gideon. A hammer that fits Diane’s size. Called Gideon, it can be used for attacks as is, but with the power of “Creation” that Diane imbues it with, it also has a number of attacks that involve transforming the earth. 

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Name: BAN
A.K.A.: The Fox Sin of Greed

The Seven Deadly Sins’ Fox Sin of Greed. He joined the adventure in Baste Dungeon. He used to be a thief who went by the name “Bandit Ban," but when he was granted immortality by the Fountain of Youth, he became known as Undead Ban. He has a large scar stretching from the left side of his neck up his cheek that was caused by Meliodas. He’s got a mean face, but always ends his sentences with a musical note, showing his carefree personality. He has absolutely no qualms about stealing whatever he wants.

He joined The Seven Deadly Sins after Meliodas freed him from prison. He deeply loves and implicitly trusts both Meliodas and Elaine, who care about him for who he is, demonstrating that he has a pure heart, too. On the other hand, since he was raised without love, he doesn’t think much about his own self-worth. Collecting ale labels and stuffed animals are his (former) hobbies. He does the cooking in Boar’s Hat.

The Truth Behind Greed

He fell in love with a girl named Elaine whom he met in the Fairy King’s Forest. When a demon suddenly attacked, they were both mortally wounded, but by drinking water from the Fountain of Life that Elaine passed directly from her mouth into his, he was granted immortality. The flames of the Demon burned the forest to the ground, Elaine lost her life, and Ban adopted the sin of Greed. Ever since then, Ban’s lived only so that he can someday bring Elaine back to life.

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Height: 210 cm
Weight: 70 kg 
Race: formerly Human 
Birthday: February 14th 
Age: 43 (I became immortal at age 23, so my body stayed that young) 
Blood Type:
Dominant Hand: right 
Knight Rank: formerly Diamond 
Magic Power Snatch: robs both material things and physical ability 
Specialty: theft 
Hobby: collecting ale labels (long ago) 
Daily Activity: getting smashed 
Favorite Food: anything other than the Cap’n’s cooking ♪ 
Charming Point: my fangs 
Complex: none 
Someone You Look Up to: Master Hawk? 
Someone You Wouldn’t Want as an Enemy: Meliodas
Weapon: Sacred Cudgel Courechose. It hasn’t yet made an appearance in the series, though we were only shown how Ban typically uses it folded into four parts so that the two tips are sticking out. It was apparently confiscated from him while he was in Baste Dungeon, but details as to what happened to it after that are unclear at this point.


Name: KING
A.K.A: The Grizzly Sin of Sloth. A member of The Seven Deadly Sins who bears the mark of the Grizzly Sin of Sloth. He looks like a small young boy, but his actual form is the king of the Fairy Folk, Harlequin, who has lived for over 1000 years and possesses immense magical powers. He’s Elaine’s older brother.

When he gets nervous or excited, he transforms into his “big guy” form. He’s shy and has a cheeky side to him, but also cares for others and harbors a deep affection for Diane, with whom he’s shared a bond since many years ago. He always reacts calmly to people’s actions and seems to be watching over things from high above. He can sometimes sound like an old man and is always resting on his back. He considered Ban a threat to Elaine and appeared as an enemy on the kingdom’s side, but later joined The Seven Deadly Sins. At Boar’s Hat, he’s in charge of purchasing supplies.

The Truth Behind Sloth

Long ago, in order to get back his best friend Helbram and others who had been taken away by humans, he left the fairy world for the human world, was defeated by Aldrich, and spent many long years in a state of amnesia. He spent the time with Diane, and eventually got his memories back, but all this amounted to leaving his little sister to act as the Fount of of Youth’s saint for 700 long years. After Helbram was taken away by Aldrich and managed to survive, he hated humans for 500 years during which he slaughtered them. King was blamed by his fellow countrymen for letting his evil ways go unchecked and was marked with the sign of the Grizzly Sin of Sloth.


Height: 160 cm (180 cm when I’m a big guy)
Weight: 48 kg (120 kg when I’m a big guy) 
Race: fairy 
Birthday: April 1st 
Age: approx. 1300 
Blood Type: AB 
Dominant Hand: right 
Knight Rank: formerly Diamond 
Magic Power Disaster: draws out 100% of my spear’s strength 
Specialty: falling asleep 
Hobby: watching Diane 
Daily Activity: watching Diane 
Favorite Food: cheese 
Charming Point: how I sleep 
Complex: my baby face 
Someone You Look Up to: the old Fairy King 
Someone You Wouldn’t Want as an Enemy: Escanor
Weapon:  Spirit Spear Chastiefol. A spear crafted from a sacred tree that exists in the fairy world. Its toughness surpasses even steel. It’s capable of changing into ten different forms, and that power can only be unleashed by King’s magic power of Disaster.

Check back tomorrow for Part 3 of The Seven Deadly Sins Character Profiles. (This content originally ran in The Seven Deadly Sins: Official Fan Book "Kaitai-Shin-Sho".)

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