5 Best Couples in The Seven Deadly Sins

Nov 01, 2015
5 Best Couples in The Seven Deadly Sins

The relationships between the characters in The Seven Deadly Sins are not so simple to say the least. That said, who are the best couples in this story so far? Here's a bonus article in our series of character profiles of the main cast of The Seven Deadly Sins by Nakaba Suzuki

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1. Meliodas ♡ Elizabeth

This coupling involves the “hero and heroine” of our story, and is the most frequently visited one throughout the series. There are a lot of instances of Meliodas sexually harassing Elizabeth in a number of ways and as the serialization has gone on, it’s gotten even more and more risqué, but at the same time, Elizabeth is also demonstrating a tolerance for it. In serious scenes where you can feel just how deep their trust and bond to each other is, you can glimpse their relationship as one between a princess and her knight.

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2. Meliodas ♡ Diane
Despite the fact that she (Diane) is the one most proactively trying to make herself appealing in the entire series, as things stand now, this coupling unfortunately doesn’t look like it will pan out. Even her wish to have children with him in her “Matrona” size is a miserable flop. Whether or not he’s aware of the praiseworthy and obedient Diane’s feelings, it’s frustrating how Meliodas doesn’t show any signs at all of giving in.


3. King ♡ Diane

Since Diane is ever loyal to Meliodas, the way King only kindly watches over her makes for yet another “one-way street” in love. The chapter where we witness the memories they shared and the birth of their bond conjures up warm feelings as well as frustration about their situation. Will Diane ever remember “Harlequin” or will time go on with nothing changing? Please watch out for future developments in this realm.


4. Meliodas ♡ Liz

We don’t know the details yet, but this is the only scene in which Meliodas sheds a tear in the entire series. What did losing the one he loves do to Meliodas? It seems to have something to do with the demise of Danafor.

They were lovers that used to know each other inside out but were separated when an unexplained death took Liz away. Judging by the expressions on Meliodas face in his flashbacks, we can see that Liz meant a whole lot to him. Including his relationship to Elizabeth who bears a striking resemblance to her, this coupling still has a lot of mysteries surrounding it.

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5. Ban ♡ Elaine

Ever since drawing the bonus story “Bandit Ban” where the two’s meeting and tryst in the Fairy King’s Forest is depicted, and which received a great response from the readership, it’s still the most popular coupling in the story. Ban wishes to bring Elaine back after she sacrificed her own life for him, and even as a deceased soul Elaine loves Ban more than ever before. Will the two ever be reunited again?

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