Introduction to Manga for Librarians

Jan 26, 2016
Introduction to Manga for Librarians

As we announced last December, Kodansha Comics' entire digital book list is now available to libraries through OverDrive, the world's largest network of digital libraries.

If you are an avid manga reader and/or library user, this is especially a great news. Now you don't have to wait for the physical copy to arrive at the library. Next time a copy of manga you want to read is checked out or unavailable at the library, see if the digital copies are available via OverDrive. (If not, ask your librarians about it!)

If you are a librarian, thank you for your constant effort to encourage library users, particularly teens, to read manga. We’d imagine that you are already more knowledgeable about manga than most because of your day-to-day interaction with the library users. But just in case you want to know about our manga in a nutshell, we’ve put together an introduction to manga that you may find helpful.


Click here to download Introduction for Manga for Librarians.

Whether you are a library user or a librarian, we value your opinion. Please give us feedback about your experience with manga on eBooks at the library here.