Creator Spotlight: Hiroya Oku (Inuyashiki)

Feb 25, 2016
Creator Spotlight: Hiroya Oku (Inuyashiki)


You may know Hiroya Oku from the GANTZ fame. But have you read his most recent manga, Inuyashiki?

To make a point how awesome this manga is, we're letting Oku-sensei speak his mind in this two-part exclusive interview:

Hiroya Oku on Inuyashiki (Creator Interview Part 1 of 2)
Hiroya Oku on Hollywood movies (Creator Interview Part 2 of 2)

About Hiroya Oku
Born in Fukuoka, Japan. Debuted as a mangaka (manga artist) in 1992, with his first series, Hen: Suzuki-kun and Sato-kun in Weekly Young Jump. The series became a hit and was adapted into a live-action TV series in 1996. In 2000 he started his most famous work, GANTZ, a sensational manga using CG for the background, driven by thrilling plots. It was adapted into anime, game, and live-action film and became a widely popular media franchise. In 2014 Oku started his latest series, Inuyashiki, in Evening.


Although he's usually camera shy, Oku-sensei let us take this video of him drawing the two main characters from Inuyashiki for Kodansha Comics' YouTube series, These Hands Make Manga. Watch the video here.


We're also giving away the sketch that you saw in the video, autographed and personalized by Oku-sensei. 

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Inuyashiki volumes 1-3 are available from Kodansha Comics


You can also read the latest chapter of Inuyashiki streaming on Crunchyroll.

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