March 15 New Releases: Paradise Residence, Forget Me Not, Livingstone + more

Mar 14, 2016
March 15 New Releases: Paradise Residence, Forget Me Not, Livingstone + more


New manga this week—including a couple of brand-new series kick-offs! Let's take a look at what's new to both brick+mortar and digital bookshelves ...


Paradise Residence is a new manga from the creator of Oh My Goddess! and You’re Under Arrest, Kosuke Fujishima. It follows Hatsune Takanashi—a clumsy schoolgirl who attends the Kitsuka Boarding School—and her trials living in the all-girls dormitory. This new series is published in an oversized format, with over 300 pages in its first volume. Read all of Chapter 1 here!


Known in Japan as Soredemo boku wa kimi ga suki, Forget Me Not is a manga by Nao Emoto based on the popular novel by Taiwanese author Mag Hsu. Serizawa was walking home from work one day when he was struck by a truck. Woozy and injured, he remembers a woman taking him to safety. It was someone he recognized… but who? It’s a romance manga with a dose of mystery! Read all of Chapter 1 here!


From Tomohiro Maekawa and Jinsei Kataoka (the artist of the smash hit Deadman Wonderland) comes Livingstone, the story about two men, Sakurai and Amano, on a quest to prevent the early deaths of those not yet fated to meet their end, or, at least, to recover the receptacle of the lost soul—the livingstone. Volume 2 of this fantasy adventure series is now here! Read all of Chapter 1 here!

Space Brothers 21coppelionvolume18

Finally, our rapid-release digital-only series, the astronaut-drama Space Brothers and post-apocalyptic actioner COPPELION, forge on, with newly arrived volumes on digital shelves this week. Read Chapter 1s at the links.

Happy reading!