Not Just Another Romance Manga Sale (June 14-28)

Jun 14, 2016
Not Just Another Romance Manga Sale (June 14-28)


Have you read any good shojo manga recently? Or do you just shy away from the whole genre because you think it's "just another romance manga"? Well, think again! We've cherry-picked some unique and incredible shojo manga from Kodansha Comics for you to try. 

Starting Tuesday, June 14, we are having a big sale on volume 1's of selected manga series on all digital retailer. 

What's on sale now (June 14-June 28): 


Princess Jellyfish vol.1 for $6.99


Say I Love You. vol.1 for $.3.99



My Little Monster vol.1 for $3.99


LDK vol.1 for $3.99


Missions of Love vol.1 for $3.99

But hurry! These sales are for a limited time.