Q: What's happening at San Diego Comic-Con? (A: Tsutomu Nihei and lots more)

Jul 20, 2016
Q: What's happening at San Diego Comic-Con? (A: Tsutomu Nihei and lots more)

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Going to San Diego Comic-Con this year? We are too!

Be sure to catch Vertical Comics and Kodansha Comics' special guest artist at San Diego this year: Tsutomu Nihei, creator of science-fiction megahits Knights of SidoniaBLAME!, and NOiSE.  Here’s a schedule of Nihei-sensei's-related panels and signing sessions at SDCC:

Tsutomu Nihei Panel
Saturday, July 23
Room 4
Rare chance to see 'n' hear Tsutomu Nihei live in person. Plus—a major new anime project reveal

Tsutomu Nihei signing sessions

Tsutomu_Nihei_Trading_Card_v2 4 x 5.5

Thursday, July 21
comiXology — booth 2547
Get your hands on the exclusive Nihei comiXology creator trading card

Thursday, July 21
920 Fifth Avenue, San Diego (@Broadway)
This location is a ~15-minute walk from the convention center.

Saturday, July 23
Room AA20

The Tsutom Nihei Quest


July 21-23 (Thursday through Saturday)
convention hours until around 5 p.m.
check in at Vertical Comics — booth 1631
For the first 3 days of SDCC, we’ll be hosting a scavenger hunt-style quest in and around the convention center, with texts and announcements direct from Nihei-sensei. Quest completers will get a free SDCC-exclusive Nihei-designed T-shirt while supplies last.

Plus don't miss:

Kodansha Comics/Attack on Titan Anthology Panel


Saturday, July 23
Room 8
Meet Brenden Fletcher
(Batgirl, Gotham Academy, Motor Crush), Ronald Wimberly (Prince of Cats), Kate Leth (Kate or Die!, Vampirella), Jeremy Lambert (Haven: Origins), and Jody Houser (Orphan Black), the talent behind the Attack on Titan Anthology, the ambitious collaboration between the biggest manga hit of the decade and an all-star roster of comics creators, including Scott Snyder, Gail Simone, Phil Jimenez, Michael Avon Oeming, Faith Erin Hicks, and others. New art from the anthology will be revealed, along with a look at new comics from one of America's biggest manga publishers. Plus lots of free books and exclusive promo items.

Vertical Comics — booth 1631
July 20-24 (Wednesday through Sunday)
during convention hours
Come visit us at the Vertical Comics booth, where we'll have special giveaways, including free comiXology download codes for the not-yet-on-sale BLAME! Volume 1. The print edition of this Master Edition re-release of Nihei's manga classic will also be on sale at the booth, months before it hits stores. An SDCC exclusive signing board (shikishi) comes free with purchase.