Comic-Con reveals: BLAME! trailer world premiere, Attack on Titan Anthology cover, Ghost in the Shell deluxe

Jul 24, 2016
Comic-Con reveals: BLAME! trailer world premiere, Attack on Titan Anthology cover, Ghost in the Shell deluxe
Whew! Here's what from Kodansha Comics made its way into the world for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend!


IMG_0184 Tsutomu Nihei drawing a sketch for a fan at the comiXology booth at San Diego Comic-Con.

Tsutomu Nihei, creator of science-fiction megamanga Knights of SidoniaBLAME!, and NOiSE, made a big splash in San Diego, greeting his fans and executing signings all around the con. At his spotlight Vertical Comics panel, he announced the forthcoming BLAME! anime film, coming in 2017 as a Netflix Original. For the press release of the announcement of the anime, click hereThen he kicked off the world premiere of the trailer for the animated feature. You can see it right here: [embed][/embed] Big thanks to our SDCC partners at Vertical Comics, 1000toys, BAIT, Bluefin, and comiXology!

Attack on Titan Anthology cover revealed!

AoT_ANT_PP_cvr_r1 Paul Pope's transformative cover to the Attack on Titan Anthology—first seen at SDCC.

Meanwhile, at the Kodansha Comics panel on Saturday, more details around the hotly anticipated Attack on Titan Anthology were divulged, including insights to its creation and the revelation of variant covers for exclusive editions available from Diamond, Books-A-Million!, Barnes & Noble, and at New York Comic Con. But maybe the biggest news was the world premiere of the official cover by none other than transformative comics savant Paul Pope (@PULPH0PE).

riverawimberly Left: Paolo Rivera's Books-A-Million! exclusive variant cover art. Right: Some wild pages from the Attack on Titan Anthology story by SDCC panelist Ronald Wimberly.

Announcing: The Ghost in the Shell deluxe edition


• Deluxe re-release of the original The Ghost in the Shell series: volumes 1, 1.5, and 2. • Definitive edition under supervision of creator Shirow Masamune • In time for the major film adaptation from Paramount Pictures! • In the original right-to-left Japanese reading format with unaltered Japanese sound effects for the first time • Coming 2017

The Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set


• A deluxe box set of Akira volumes 1-6, plus the Akira Club art book, in large hardcover format • With the art uncut and unaltered, in the original right-to-left reading format with the original Japanese sound effects • MSRP $199.99 • Coming 2017