Here's your Attack on Titan Season 2 trailer!

Dec 24, 2016
Here's your Attack on Titan Season 2 trailer!

Season 2 of the Attack on Titan anime is soon upon us ... So Merry Christmas! Here's the first Attack on Titan Season 2 trailer!


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You can read the Attack on Titan manga in print or digital.

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About Attack on Titan
The dark, apocalyptic story of Attack on Titan unexpectedly became the best-selling new manga to come out of Japan in a decade. Published by Kodansha in Japan beginning in 2009, the manga series has grown into a global phenomenon, inspiring a wildly popular anime series, notorious live-action film, videogames, and cultural forces at large.

The ongoing manga series currently runs over 85 chapters, collected in 20 volumes to date in English and authoritatively published by Kodansha Comics. The heavily anticipated Season 2 of the anime debuts April 2017.