The Ghost in the Shell Deluxe Editions are here

It's back! Shirow Masamune's generation-defining cyberpunk masterpiece The Ghost in the Shell has been reborn for the 21st century as a remastered luxury hardcover—just in time for the major motion picture releasing next month!

The Ghost in the Shell — Shirow Masamune's masterwork
The Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface — Shirow's long-awaited, digitally-rendered deep-dive sequel into A.I. and existence
The Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processor — Shirow's "lost" stories created between Volumes 1 and 2

Each of the 3 volumes of The Ghost in the Shell Deluxe Editions—comprising Shirow's canonical Ghost in the Shell ​saga—represents a definitive new edition supervised by creator Shirow Masamune and features the original, right-to-left format with Japanese sound effects for the first time and brand-new bonus content. These new editions will only be available in these hardcover, print versions.

"Ahh … The net is vast …": The Ghost in the Shell digital bundle—only on comiXology 

Meanwhile, for those of you who prefer your cyberpunk to be purely of the electronic variety, have we got a great deal for you! Starting today, February 21, comiXology releases The Ghost in the Shell digital bundle—with one-button purchase you get all 3 volumes digitally, for a very reasonable price.

So whether you like your manga hardwired or virtual, it's the perfect time to re-interface with one of the true, all-time manga classics. Presciently set in a networked world where the virtual and physical universes collide, The Ghost in the Shell is now back for 2017—more relevant than ever.

Shojo Manga February Week 3: Princess Jellyfish, Kiss Him, Not Me, Prince in His Dark Days digital up to 50% off

Our Valentines' Day edition of February's weekly shojo manga sales is here!

Throughout the entire month of February, Kodansha Comics is offering up some of our most popular shojo manga series (yes, entire series!) for sale—up to 50% off on digital editions at our e-book retail partners: BookWalkercomiXology, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. 

What's on Sale This Week (February 14-February 20) 
(free previews at the links!) 

Princess Jellyfish by Akiko Higashimura

Tsukimi Kurashita has a strange fascination with jellyfish. She's loved them from a young age and has carried that love with her to her new life in the big city of Tokyo. There, she resides in Amamizukan, a safe-haven for girl geeks who regularly gush over a range of things from trains to Japanese dolls. However, a chance meeting at a pet shop has Tsukimi crossing paths with one of the things that the residents of Amamizukan have been desperately trying to avoid—a beautiful and fashionable woman! But there's much more to this woman than her trendy clothes! This odd encounter is only the beginning of a new and unexpected path for Tsukimi and her friends.

Princess Jellyfish volumes 1-4 on sale this week!
Plus! The new manga by Akiko Higashimura, Tokyo Tarareba Girls is debuting digitally on Februrary 14!  



Kiss Him, Not Me by Junko

"Hi there! My name is Serinuma Kae.

I’m the kind of girl who loves checking out boys and fantasizing about them getting friendly (and more) with each other—I’m what you might call a fujoshi.

One day, my beloved (yes, he’s an anime character) died, and the shock of it all was more than I could have ever prepared for! My grief over his passing resulted in some ridiculous weight loss!

And you won’t believe what happened next! Soon after my change, the four most divinely gorgeous boys in my school asked me out on dates! I accepted them all, and you’d think I’d be happy with my sudden popularity, but the truth is, my heart only yearns for a prince to be next to his prince. Ahh, yes, boys, I’d much prefer that you turn your affections elsewhere and kiss him, not me!"

Kiss Him, Not Me volumes 1-9 on sale this week!




The Prince in His Dark Days by Hiko Yamanaka

A heartrending modern love story. A drunkard for a father, a household of poverty … For 17-year-old Atsuko, misfortune is all she knows and believes in. Until one day, a chance encounter with Itaru—the wealthy heir of a huge corporation—changes everything. The two look identical, uncannily so. When Itaru curiously goes missing, Atsuko is roped into being his stand-in. There, in his shoes, Atsuko must parade like a prince in a palace. She encounters many new experiences, but at what cost … ?

The Prince in His Dark Days volumes 1-3 on sale this week!


Happy Valentine's Day! Check out these new shojo manga powerhouses making their digital debuts on February 14:

For more info on digital-debut series, check back at!

New digital manga for Valentine’s Day: Akiko Higashimura’s Tokyo Tarareba Girls, Chihayafuru, and A Springtime with Ninjas

2017 marches on with more digital manga debuts! (See last month's big announcement.)

On February 14th, rising manga star Akiko Higashimura follows up her best-selling Princess Jellyfish with the hilarious Tokyo Tarareba Girls, where Higashimura once again sharpens her razor wit on the lives of young women in the big city. This time she hones in on one single thirtysomething and her dystopian dating problems—”One day I woke up and I was 33”—just in time for Valentine’s Day!

You can read the entirety of Chapter 1 for free, here:

Along with being one of the most requested titles in Kodansha Comics’s history, Princess Jellyfish was a regular on The New York Times Manga Best Seller list and was named by the New York Public Library as one of its “50 Best Books for Teens” and by Amazon as one of the “Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2016.” Read our interview with Akiko Higashimura here.


Also going on sale February 14th is the long-awaited, much-demanded debut of Yuki Suetsugu’s Chiyahafuru, the story of adolescent lives and emotions playing out against the high drama of karuta—traditional Japanese card-playing. Chihayafuru, a long-running bestseller in Japan, was the basis of the surprise-hit anime of the same name that streamed on Crunchyroll. Click on cover to read Chapter 1.







And finally, also debuting will be Narumi Hasegaki’s A Springtime with Ninjas (also known by its Japanese title Hana to shinobi), a shojo rom com about one strong-willed rich girl and her ninja bodyguard! Click on cover to read Chapter 1.






The Valentine’s Day trio of digital debuts rounds out Kodansha Comics’s entire month’s focus on shojo manga, with ongoing sales on select shojo titles every week throughout the month of February.

Volume 1s of Tokyo Tarareba Girls, Chihayafuru, and A Springtime witn Ninjas are now available across all Kodansha Comics digital book channels: BookWalker, comiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook.

Media: read our press release here.

Shojo Manga February Week 2: Say I Love You, That Wolf-Boy is Mine!, Nodame Cantabile digital up to 50% off

Hey, wIth Valentines' Day right around the corner, some romantic manga can't be far behind, right? 

Throughout the entire month of February, Kodansha Comics is offering up some of our most popular shojo manga series (yes, entire series!) for sale—up to 50% off on digital editions at our e-book retail partners: BookWalkercomiXology, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. 


What's on Sale Next Week (February 7-February 14) 
(free previews at the links!)


Say I Love You. by Kanae Hazuki 

Mei Tachibana has no friends—and she doesn't need them! Ever since her "friends" betrayed her in elementary school, she's sworn off friendship entirely. All it leads to is betrayal and heartbreak, and she's well enough on her own. But everything changes when she accidentally roundhouse kicks the most popular boy in school! However, Yamato Kurosawa isn't angry in the slightest—in fact, he thinks his ordinary life could use an unusual girl like Mei! He won't take no for an answer, and soon Mei and Yamato embark on an unwanted friendship that will change both of them forever.

Say I Love You. volumes 1-16 is on sale this week!
Plus! The newest volume 17 hits the street on February 7.



That Wolf-Boy is Mine! by Yoko Nogiri

After some traumatic experiences, Komugi Kusunoki transferred from the city to start a new life in rural Hokkaido. But on her first day of school, the school heartthrob Yū Ōgami blurts out, “You smell good!” Despite the hijinks, Komugi tries to adjust to her new school, but it’s not long before she stumbles across Yū dozing off under a tree. When she attempts to wake him up, he transformed…into a wolf?! It turns out that Yū is one of many other eccentric boys in her class year–and she’s the only one who knows their secret…!

That Wolf-Boy is Mine! volumes 1-3 is on sale this week!


Nodame Cantabile by Tomoko Ninomiya 

The son of a famous pianist, music student Shinichi Chiaki dreams of studying abroad and becoming a conductor like his mentor. Unfortunately, his fear of flying grounds his lofty plans! As he watches other classmates achieve what he has always wanted, Shinichi wonders if he should quit music altogether. Then one day he meets fellow student Megumi Noda, also known as Nodame. This oddball girl cannot cook, clean, or even read a music score, but she can play the piano in incomparable Cantabile style. And she teaches Chiaki something that he has forgotten: to enjoy his music, no matter where he is.

Nodame Cantabile volumes 1-16  is on sale next week!


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