Ready for Season 2? Attack on Titan vols 1-8 digital bundle now on comiXology and BookWalker #12DaysofTitan

Ready for Attack on Titan's anime Season 2?!?

Volumes 1 through 8 of the Attack on Titan manga—which covers Season 1 of the anime—are now available as a deeply discounted digital bundle from our pals at comiXology and BookWalker—and on the one and only Attack on Titan manga app.

So get all caught up in one fell swoop and you'll be all prepared for Season 2—which is just about upon us!

#12DaysofTitan Also helping us gear up for the premiere of Season 2 we have something special going on at our social media channels at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr!

Every day, up to the April 1 premiere, we’ll pick ONE random winner across our social media sites, so be sure to follow our #12DaysofTitan hashtag and answer the daily trivia question within the hour of its posting for a chance to win! Each day’s winner will receive a special prize. (Quick note on prizes: US and Canada shipping addresses only please!)