Attack on Titan volume 21 is now on sale

Apr 25, 2017
Attack on Titan volume 21 is now on sale

As the new season of the Attack on Titan anime kicks into high gear, you're probably getting curious about what happens next. Well, you know you can always jump ahead by reading the original manga! Here's a few ways you can enjoy Attack on Titan—the manga—from Kodansha Comics:


Yeah, Attack on Titan volume 21 hit streets on April 25. The book is available now in both physical and digital editions. 


Didja know that you can read the story of Attack on Titan beyond what's collected into the graphic novel editions? With simulpub chapters, you can read up to the latest chapter that just came out in Japan—which as of right now would be Chapter #92—available on comiXology and Kindle.

The Manga App!

... and you can read the entire series of Attack on Titan on our Attack on Titan Manga App! It's a great way to stay on top of the newest simulpub chapters and graphic novels. 

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