ERRATA: Attack on Titan Choose Your Path Adventure

May 10, 2017
ERRATA: Attack on Titan Choose Your Path Adventure

ERRATA pages 188-189: The editorial staff of Kodansha Comics regrets the following errors that appeared in the first printing of Attack on Titan Choose Your Path Adventure: Year 850: Last Stand at Wall Rosewhich contains the following errors on page 188, introduced during the book's editorial process:

• Section 233 was omitted.
• Section 234 contained the text that should have been numbered 233.
• The correct text for section 234 was omitted.

The following is the corrected text for pages 188 and 189, which will also appear in future printings of this book.

For a PDF of the corrected page layout of pages 188-189 click on this link.

● 233
You’ve survived the battle in the hellish streets of Trost District, and now you withdraw.

You and several of the other trainees fall back to the rear, to safety.

At last you’re in a safe place, full of Garrison soldiers. You...

Are with Eren (Go to 194)
Are not with Eren (Go to 110)

● 234
Let’s go get him, you say to them.

If he was swallowed whole by the Titan, it might still be possible to rescue him. And with Mikasa’s skill...

Armin’s eyes widen at your words. You start to ask him what kind of Titan it was, what exactly happened, but Mikasa taps you on the shoulder.

“Forget it. If it were possible to save him, Armin would have done it.”

(Increase your Affinity with Mikasa and your Affinity with Armin by 1 each, then go to 117.)

● 235
You shout. Whether Mikasa hears you or not, you can’t tell.

But she rises and takes a blade in her hand. You doubt she can best the Titan, but she isn’t going to give up, either. She’s a strong woman.

Even as you admire her, a Titan the size of a four-story building is coming relentlessly closer.

She sees it and takes her stance... (Go to 174)

● 236
Outside, you see numerous Titan corpses.

This is what happens when Titans fight each other. Even on a battlefield full of the enemy, this is the first time you’ve seen so many fallen Titans in one place...

Did that Titan take out all these others single-handedly?

At the moment, the Titan has lost both its arms, but it sinks its teeth into two other Titans, kicks them, refuses to stop fighting. It seems to have regenerative abilities like other Titans, but it looks like its powers just can’t keep up...

“If we could understand what that Titan is...” somebody murmurs.

You agree...but it doesn’t look like you’ll have the chance.

The mysterious Titan topples the last of the nearby enemies, then sinks to its knees, exhausted. (Go to 282)

● 237

You ask around the guard unit in hopes of getting news about other members of the 104th Training Corps.

You learn that many of your classmates are dead, or missing in action.

(If you did not already know about the fate of Squad 34, mark Eren Yeager and Squad 34 dead.)

You think of Eren and his companions, so full of spirit.

Mikasa was so close to him. What will she think when she finds out? (Go to 252)