Digital Sports Manga Sale + 2 new digital-first series: All Out!! and Shojo Fight

Fall: a good time to get into new sports … and sports manga! Now undergoing a full-blown renaissance—thanks to the increasing popularity of sports anime like Ace of the Diamond and even Welcome to the Ballroom (yes! Ballroom dancing is a competitive sport!)—this underrated genre has been bulking up Kodansha Comics's digital-first list. This week's Sports Manga Sale makes it easy to try something new!  

— New Digital-First Series! — 
Read Chapter 1s at the links! 

All Out!! by Shiori Amase is a classic shonen manga about high school rugby. You may recognize this series from the recent hit anime on Crunchyroll. And of course, sports aren't just for boys, either: Yoko Nihonbashi's Shojo Fight! is about the rise of a "formerly underdog" fearless women's volleyball team. 

This week only, we're putting all the sports manga (including the 2 series that debut today) from Kodansha Comics on sale up to 50% off at all of our digital retail partnersBookWalkercomiXology, Crunchyroll, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. Sale ends October 2 at 11 p.m. Eastern Time, or for select stores, in local time. 

— Kodansha Comics Sports Manga Sale  —
September 26-October 2
Read Chapter 1s at the links! 

All Out!! —Rugby!
Ace of the Diamond —Baseball!
Air Gear—Air Trek!
All-Rounder Meguru—MMA!
Giant Killing—Soccer! 
Grand Blue Dreaming—Scuba diving!
Sayonara Football—Soccer!
Shojo Fight!—Volleyball! 
Toppu GP—Motorbike racing!
Welcome to the Ballroom—Ballroom dancing!

Ready, set, GO! Start reading a new sports manga today!