Write Messages to Hiro Mashima and Your Favorite Characters from FAIRY TAIL!

The final volume of Fairy Tail (Fairy Tail, Vol. 63) will be released in Japan on Friday, November 17, 2017, and to celebrate the completion of this unforgettable manga, Kodansha is collecting messages from fans all over the world! 

Write a message to Hiro Mashima and your favorite characters from Fairy Tail – all you have to do is include the hashtags #THXFT #FAIRYTAIL in a tweet on Twitter. All messages will be compiled to create one large “Fairy Tail Word Cloud Art”, which will be displayed at Shibuya Station in Shibuya, Japan on November 20th! For additional campaign details, please visit the official campaign page.  

Don’t miss your chance to leave a message for Hiro Mashima, and for your message to be part of Fairy Tail history!!

Mark your calendar: The final volumes of Fairy Tail in English is coming soon!

Volume 62 (second to last volume) on November 14, 2017! 

Volume 63 (final volume) on January 23, 2018! 


Update 11/20: Thanks for waiting! The messages from all over the world are now put together to be one big collaborative "Fairy Tail Word Cloud Art!" It will be displayed at JR Shibuya Station Yamanote Line Platform 1 inside Tamagawa gate from November 20 to November 26. 

Bummed that you're not in Tokyo? Check out this video to see the actual piece of art! 

Wanna closer look? Go to this page, and see if your message has made it in the project!