Attack on Titan Season 3 Sale! Volume 1 for 99¢

Jul 17, 2018
Attack on Titan Season 3 Sale! Volume 1 for 99¢
It's the Attack on Titan "Road to Season 3" Digital Sale!  Hey, when the  Attack on Titan anime Season 3 finally starts on July 21, can you honestly say you are ready? If you really want to increase your chances of survival in a world filled with man-eating titans and human betrayal, you may want to refresh your memory and perhaps get ahead on the rapid-fire twists-and-turns and plot machinations by reading up on the manga! That's why, for this week only, Kodansha Comics is hosting the Attack on Titan: Road to Season 3 Digital Sale (ends July 23) at all of our digital retail partners: BookWalkercomiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook!

What!? You've seen the anime but never read the manga? ... I-it's okay! Because this is the perfect chance to get into it, while the digital Volume 1 is on sale for ONLY 99¢! Then if you can't stop reading it (you won't), you can get the rest of the series are discounted up to 50% off. There's been SO MANY VOLUMES of manga since where we took off at the end of Attack on Titan Season 2 anime! Besides that, there are more ways to enjoy the Attack on Titan manga:

Simulpub!  Didja know that the newest chapters of Attack on Titan are available on the same day they come out in Japan? That means you can read ahead of the graphic novels (spoiler alert: there's been some MAJOR DRAMA BREWING!)  before the next volume comes out! Attack on Titan simulpub chapters are also up to 50% off on comiXology until July 23.

Bundles!  Ready to go all-in but daunted by the prospect of click-buying all those digital manga volumes one at a time? Not to worry! We've got Attack on Titan manga bundled up in correlation to Season 1 (volumes 1-8) and Season 2 (volumes 9-12) on comiXology. In addition to the regular bundle discount price (usually 30~40% off cover price), we'll be taking off additional discount!  You can do the math ... This is by far the cheapest offer yet—and it's only one click of a button away!

Spinoffs!  You've read the entire manga series by Hajime Isayama? But the Attack on Titan universe doesn't stop there! These spinoff series take you into the history of the world of Attack on Titan as well as the daily lives (and goofy sides) of your favorite characters! 

All volumes of the spinoff series are also up to 50% off until July 23:

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall Attack on Titan: Lost Girls Attack on Titan: No Regrets Attack on Titan: Junior High Attack on Titan Anthology

... and to hype you up even further, here's the trailer for Attack on Titan Season 3 from Funimation

Psyched about Attack on Titan anime Season 3? JOIN THE COUNTDOWN!  Enter for a chance to win Attack on Titan manga & anime prizes during Attack on Titan: Road to Season 3 Sweepstakes! (ends 8/7)