Announcing: September 2018 digital-first debuts!

Aug 30, 2018
Announcing: September 2018 digital-first debuts!
The campaign continues as we launch at least one new “digital-first”manga series every week, and in September we kick off 3 new manga series, with an exciting new update on a classic shojo manga, a fresh new romantic comedy about old childhood neighbors, and the tale of one girl's disastrous travails to get some studying done! Kodansha Comics’s digital-first manga releases are part of an exciting new initiative begun last year to put a greater diversity of manga series into the market. This month’s series debuts will be available at all of Kodansha Comics’s partner digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, BookWalker, comiXology, Google Play, Kobo, MyAnimeList, and nook:

Debuts September 4th! Peach Girl NEXT By Miwa Ueda It’s been ten long years since their legendary love swept the field like a hurricane. At 27 years old, Momo, Kairi, Toji, and Sae are back! Momo and Kairi are at the peak of their relationship, but still not married?! The pressure is on! Sae can’t stand to see this couple happy, and she won’t stand for it! Touji also seems to already have a shadow hanging in his past after becoming an adult … What happened? Get ready for this love train to move full-steam ahead once again!

All of the rest of Peach Girl comes out September 11th! Peach Girl volumes 9-18 By Miwa Ueda  The Peach Girl revival continues—now with the complete original run of Volumes 1-18 (including the volumes that were originally released as Peach Girl: Change of Heart) readily available once again, bringing to a conclusion Miwa Ueda’s sasstastic shojo manga megahit from the 90s!     

Debuts September 18th! The Walls between Us by Haru Tsukishima   "If you want a boyfriend that bad, I'll go out with you." Growing up next-door neighbors, Reita Kikuchi and Makoto Sakurai's parents are friends, and the two of them have known each other forever. But one day Makoto is suddenly thrown into a relationship with that narcissistic and self-absorbed playboy, Reita—her old childhood friend! Follow Makoto's adventures as she navigates the ups and downs of dating the egotistical boy-next-door in the first installment of this romantic comedy!  (original Japanese title: Watashitachi ni wa kabe ga aru)

Debuts September 25th! Ao-chan Can't Study! by Ren Kawahara  Ren Kawahara’s irreverent jokefest about the conflict between academic and more corporeal pressures, captured in one girl's struggle to just get some studying done (original Japanese title: Midarana Ao-chan wa benkyou ga dekinai)!