Rin Mikimoto Creator Spotlight Sale! Kira-kun Today debut + 2 series up to 50% off

Oct 09, 2018
Rin Mikimoto Creator Spotlight Sale! Kira-kun Today debut + 2 series up to 50% off
  You might recognize the name Rin Mikimoto from Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight andLoves' Reachshe's one of the hottest up-and-coming shojo manga artists from Kodansha Comics right now! With every manga she's created, her charming characters come alive in gorgeous illustrations and quirky humor, and you just can't stop rooting for them! To celebrate the digital debut of her new work, Kira-Kun Today, this week we're hostingthe  Rin Mikimoto Creator Spotlight Sale and putting all volumes of her works on 50% off discount at our digital retail partners: BookWalker, comiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. (Sale ends October 15.)    

~ Rin Mikimoto Creator Spotlight Sale  ~ October 9-15

Kira-Kun Today

The newest manga from Rin Mikimoto! For one short year, haplessly awkward, cockatiel-toting Nino has to keep watch over class joker and nextdoor neighbor, Kira-kun. Can Kira-kun—who harbors a terrible secret—find it in himself to open up and learn something new from Nino, or will she be consumed by his world? Find out in this touching tale of two fates that intertwine to become the “closest love to Heaven.” ...Read Preview             

Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight 

At school, Hinana is an honors student, respected by all her classmates. She’s totally above things as juvenile as crushes and dating. Secretly, though, she has but one wish: To have a fairy-tale romance. One day, a super-hot celebrity named Kaede shows up at Hinana’s high school to shoot a movie, and it becomes difficult to keep up her act. By pure chance—or y’know, fate!—Kaede reveals his own ridiculous personality to Hinana, and her ordinary life turns breathtakingly romantic! Or just really, really … weird?! ...Read Preview         

Love's Reach

Haruka Sakurai is the substitute English teacher who takes over after Yuni Kurugi's homeroom teacher goes on maternity leave, and genius-girl Yuni loves the way he looks—but she hates his flashy attitude. Thanks to that, her English grades have plummeted (everything else she has a perfect score on)! Now she has to take extra lessons with him after school, where she discovers Sakurai's gentler side … ?! ...Read Preview