Manga to Anime Sale: Fairy Tail! 99-cents Volume 1 + all additional volumes & spinoffs 50% off!

Jan 15, 2019
Manga to Anime Sale: Fairy Tail! 99-cents Volume 1 + all additional volumes & spinoffs 50% off!
Hey! Are you enjoying the newest and final season of Fairy Tail anime courtesy of Funimation? It sure is nice to see Natsu, Lucy, and Happy all powered up and being together after a long break! (Actually, can you believe it's been almost three years since the end of Season 2 for some of us?) As they go on a quest to find the ex-Fairy Tail members to bring back the disbanded guild, they soon realize the mission ain't that easy ...  Not only have some of the ex-members moved on with their lives, there's a black magic cult is causing shady commotions. Meanwhile, the Magic Council is on the move. What is the book of E.N.D. that they're all looking for? And just who really is Zeref? And what's his relation to the first guild master of Fairy Tail, Mavis? All the mysteries of the world of Fairy Tail will reach their conclusion in this season of the anime! B-but wanna know what happens next RIGHT NOW? Well, here's something that can give some immediate satisfaction ...  This week only, we're putting all digital volumes of Fairy Tail and its spinoff series up to 50% off  during Manga to Anime Sale: Fairy Tail on all of our digital retail partners: BookWalkercomiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, MyAnimeList, and nook. (Sale ends January 21.) 

~ Manga to Anime Sale: Fairy Tail  ~ January 15-21 Click on the cover to read Chapter 1 for FREE!

Fairy Tail Volumes 1-63 (complete series)

The Fairy Tail anime final season covers the story from volumes 50-63 in the manga!

Wait, you've NEVER read the Fairy Tail manga? (or know a friend who's never read it?)

Don't worry! It's never too late! Check out Fairy Tail Volume 1 while it's on sale for ONLY 99 cents! (Ends January 21) Reading the manga is totally different from watching the anime. And it's totally awesome!

And here's a special message from Hiro Mashima (creator of Fairy Tail) about the final season of Fairy Tail anime!

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Anime: Fairy Tail Final Season Natsu, Lucy, and Happy return in the final season of Fairy Tail! They’ve faced some seriously tough challenges but there’s still more to do. Between reforming Fairy Tail and looking for their missing guild master, Makarov, they’ll also have to face the enemy kingdom of Alvarez. Up against new wizards and formidable new powers, are they ready for their greatest adventure yet?  

New Episodes every week!  Simulcast Saturdays @ 7:30 PM ET SimulDub™ Mondays @ 4:00 PM ET More info: