New shojo manga every week starting August 20! Read Chapter 1s FREE

UPDATED August 20—here’s the list of our new digital-first shojo manga debuting every week starting today!

Vampire Dormitory by Ema Toyama The new manga from shojo hit-machine Ema Toyama, creator of Missions of Love and Aoba-kun’s Confessions, about a poor girl whose encounter with a bishonen vampire leads her down a dark path … Starts August 20! Click on the cover to read Chapter 1 FREE

Atsumori-kun’s Bride-to-Be by Taamo (Japanese title: Atsumori-kun no oyomesan) A new country-girl/city-boy romance from Taamo, the hit creator of House of the Sun and I’m in Love and It’s the End of the World! Starts August 27! Click on the cover to read Chapter 1 FREE


Smile Down the Runway by Kotoba Inoya (Japanese title: Runway de waratteA charming new comedy about a high-school girl chasing down the dream of becoming a high-fashion model. Her ambitions literally hit a ceiling, though, when she stops growing—and her only chance might be to team up with a talented-but-overlooked designer classmate! Starts September 3!

Queen Bee By Shizuru Seino (Japanese title: Seishun otome bancho!) A new high-school romantic comedy about a potentially very mismatched odd couple—misunderstood and monstrous Hirata and popular Touma-kun! Starts September 10! 

More to come—stay tuned!

Our original July 23 post:

Just announced at our Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con panels! Here’s the rundown for our new digital-first manga debuts, with a new series kicking off EVERY WEEK starting July 23! We begin with a quartet of brand-new isekai (other worlds) series:

The Great Cleric By Broccoli Lion and Hiiro Akikaze (character designs by sime) The manga based on the hit light novel series (Japanese title: Seija musou), about an ordinary salaryman who cheats death and now must find his way in another world—as a great healer. On sale now! Click on the cover to read Chapter 1 free!

The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime By Shiba (based on story and character designs by Fuse and Mitz Vah) Gut-busting 4-panel gag comix based on the smash-hit isekai saga about that guy who got reincarnated as a slime! Starts July 30! Click on the cover to read Chapter 1 free!

Goodbye! I’m Being Reincarnated! By Kenji Saito and Parabora From Trinity Seven creator Kenji Saito comes a new manga series (Japanese title: Goodbye! Isekai tensei) about an ordinary high school guy’s big chance to become the one true great hero when one day he’s greeted by a princess from another world! Starts August 6! Click on the cover to read Chapter 1 free!

The Knight Cartoonist and Her Orc Editor By Indo So and Takafumi Sato Reverse otherworld-incarnation hijinx about an orc reborn in this world as … a manga editor! And the knight who becomes a … manga artist! If you’re looking for a unique insider look into the manga industry, this is it (maybe)! Starts August 13! Click on the cover to read Chapter 1 free!