Dive into classics from years past during the Manga Revival Sale (Ends 9/14)

Get started on classic series for only 99¢ AND more!

At Kodansha Comics we’re not only manga publishers, but huge manga fans as well, and we remember the amazing series that have been released through the years.

Now, we’re lucky enough to be able to publish some of these modern classics and share them again with fans new and old! To celebrate all these amazing series from times past, we’re hosting a Manga Revival digital sale with tiered discounts to get you reading at a price that won’t hurt your wallet:  Vol 1s for 99¢, vol. 2s at $1.99, vol.3s at 2.99, Vol.4 at 3.99, Vol.5 at 4.99, and up to 50% off all volumes after that! 

So now you can save BIG on fan-favorites like the classic sci-fi battle manga Battle Angel Alita, the heart-pounding street racing saga Initial D, and the high-emotional-stakes romance MARS. Start these series and others with an amazing deal that means you can get 5 volumes for $15!

Just visit one of our participating digital vendors to take advantage of this tremendous sale on modern manga classics: BookwalkercomiXology, Google Play, Kindle, Nook and izneo. Sale runs from September 8 to 14!


~Manga Revival Digital Sale! ~
September 8 – 14
See below for the full list of titles being offered during this sale,
and click on the links below to read chapter 1s FREE!


You’re My Pet (Vols. 1-7)

Sale also includes:

Battle Angel Alita (Vols. 1-5)
BECK (Vols. 1-17)
Dragon Head (Vols. 1-5)
Initial D (Vols. 1-24)
MARS (Vols. 1-8)
Rave Master (Vols. 1-18)
ALIVE (Vols. 1-11)
Yozakura Quartet (Vols. 1-13)
Nodame Cantabile (Vols. 1-13)
School Rumble (Vols. 1-11)
Gakuen Prince (Vols. 1-6)
Pumpkin Scissors (Vols. 1-12)
Peach Girl (Vols. 1-9)
Peach Girl NEXT (Vols. 1-4)