CLAMP Oracle Cards

Oct 19, 2020
CLAMP Oracle Cards

Let the art of CLAMP help you connect with the cosmos

If you are here it's because you're looking for answers and believe in the ability of the CLAMP Oracle Card set to help you find them! Below you'll find the hand-crafted divinatory meanings behind each card in this very special oracle card set. Use the CLAMP Oracle Card set on its own, or as an amazing addition to any other divination deck like the Tarot, or another Oracle card set, and let the cards help you find the answers you seek.

The CLAMP Oracle Card set features 15 beautifully realized cards, packaged in a witchy black cloth bag, and uses divinatory meaning combined with artwork from classic CLAMP manga series, like Magic Knight Reyearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, xxxHOLiC & more, to help you reach answers to questions of love, career, friendship and beyond! 

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Upright: The Heroine is a symbol of unmitigated passion and inspiration. You leap headfirst into problems and situations because you have you have the confidence of will, to take them all on. When The Heroine appears you're also being asked to tap into the Divine Feminine (regardless of your gender) and embody the spirit of this heroine to bolster your own energies and tackle any obstacle (inner or outer) standing in your way. Clear-eyed and full of energy The Heroine signals an exuberant start to a journey, where you must throw caution to the wind because the limitless power of love, for yourself and others, will keep you afloat.

Reversed: Upright The Heroine is a green light to leap before looking, reversed, not so much. You're still at the beginning of a journey, but when The Heroine appears in reverse, you're being asked to look at what you're jumping into before leaping. Gather information, reflect on whether the leap will land you on solid ground or have you free falling into danger. In this position turn to the Divine Feminine to help you find the answer you seek. You have inspiration and the passion to see it through, just take an extra second to check in with yourself before jumping off the edge.


Upright: When Friendship appears in a reading you're asked to look to friends and (biological or found) family around you for inspiration, strength and understanding. Feeling unsure and rudderless, look outside yourself for answers to questions you may have been pondering - you may be surprised at the answers YOU reach after comparing notes with a trusted companion. Remember that leaning on others is not weakness. It can be a kindness to yourself to lift the biggest weights through cooperation, rather than carrying the load on your own. But also, if you are experiencing a time of happiness and Friendship appears it is a signal to share that happiness with those closest to you, they want to know and would be happy to hear you're thriving.

Reversed: When Friendship appears in reverse it may allude to a time when you, or a trusted person, are mired in co-dependency and overprotectiveness. Have you felt like things are too difficult to handle on your own, and absolutely need the help of others? Friendship in reverses asks you to examine that feeling - you might find that you're stronger than you think! Or if a friend or loved one has been leaning on you too much, Friendship in reverse asks you to examine whether or not you need to define boundaries in order to conserve your own energies. Friendship is a wonderful thing but empathy without boundaries can be toxic.


Upright: In a reading, The Fool appears as a call to action for play! Be silly, do a cartwheel, laugh out loud at nothing at all. Things might have been very serious and dour in recent times, so the idea of being foolish could feel incongruous, but it's through finding this levity that you can push back against the difficult times. The Fool is a green light to indulge in play and start manifesting the good times for yourself, you have that power within you.

Reversed: The Fool reverse acts as a warning, because the fool may be YOU! This is an indicator that there is a trickster in your life that maybe taking advantage of your current carefree attitude. Because while you're distracted or stuck in play, someone else might be scooping up the opportunities meant for you. The Fool in reverse thus also asks you to get serious about plans that you may have only sketched out. Focus on that, draw your plans, success is waiting for you if you focus your will to achieve it.


Upright: The Soulbound card is an indicator that someone has entered your life that is more than just a chance encounter. There is a cosmic significance in this, and in them. Mirror soul, twin flame, whatever you want to call it you've encountered someone you're meant to learn from and grow with - even if only for a little while. And as unbelievable as it might be, that cosmic person might also be YOURSELF! Have you experienced a change where you feel like a different person? Reflect on who you were, who you are, and who you want to be - does each stage have something to teach you?

Reversed: When The Soulbound card appears in reverse it is asking, do you feel like you're missing a piece and someone else will complete you? This can be dangerous because it means that you are convinced you're not enough, or that you will remain fractured if that missing person can't be found. The Soulbound in reverse might be asking you to strengthen the bond with your own soul. It's by loving and caring for yourself, that your capacity for love will increase and act as a beacon for the people you're meant to meet and aid you in your journey.


Upright: When The Hero appears in a read, it asks you to reflect on your battle worn experience. You have faced innumerable challenges and are still here standing strong. Believe in that strength to help you through a potentially tumultuous time, because this is one of many fights yet to come. You got this! When this card appears it also asks you to tap into the Divine Masculine (regardless of your gender) to take action towards your goals. Fight for what you want, you deserve it, and have already started carving a path with each past victory.

Reversed: The Hero in reverse might mean that you have decided to take up a fight you don't need to. Though this combative energy feels productive you might be fighting shadows, or worse yet, fighting yourself. Reflect on if winning this battle will bring you closer towards your goals or if it will just leave you exhausted, bloody and in need of healing after the fight.


Upright: When The Witch appears in a reading it is a sign that you are entering a spiritually charged and intuitive time. The spiritual confidence of The Witch is not something that is gained over night. Just as a witch relies on their rituals, and practices to build their power, so must you start your own practices to bolster your energies. In this time, you might want to start meditation, yoga, dream journaling, or some other practice that allows you to listen to your inner voice. Cosmic energies are flowing around you and so it's up to you to decipher their meaning. Because it's in that deciphering that you'll gain clarity to better walk your path.

Reversed: The Witch in reverse, alludes to the idea that your spiritual cognition is currently blocked or dampened. No, this isn't because of a curse, or hex, but it can be because the world around you is chaotic and distracting. When this card appears in reverse it signifies that an enlightening time might be around the corner for you, IF you take the steps to make yourself receptive to it. Introduce some calm into your day, whether that means taking a short walk, sitting quietly in a park (or even your room) - do what you must to quiet the outer world to better listen within.


Upright: When The Noble appears it signifies that you have strong mental clarity and authority in the what you know to be true. A master of your domain, you can see the path ahead clearly - don't try and second guess yourself. The Noble encourages you examine and to take stock of your options, lay them out before you, and listen to which one would ultimately benefit you the most. That does not mean to choose the easiest choice, or the path of least resistance, it means choosing that will ultimately let you grow, and expand your power, even if it's a difficult decision to make.

The Noble in reverse means that your ability to discern the truth is in deep doubt. Though a noble might have grand authority, it doesn't mean they always know what's best. Sometimes their sense of obligation might override their sense of what is right. So this card in reverse acts as a warning that decisions made out of obligation and fear may lead to feelings of resentment and disappointment. Examine if that conflict is at play, when The Noble appears in reverse during a read.


Upright: The Initiate of Fire card exemplifies a strong inner fire, and urges you to take action. Whether its applying for that new job, starting that creative project, or beginning a new hobby, The Initiate of Fire recognizes the burning desire within you and asks you to take up the sword to cut through all that binds you and hold you back from beginning your journey. By starting this journey with fiery passion you might also find that the things holding you back will burn away to ash, leaving you free to share you light with the world.

Reversed: When The Initiate of Fire appears in reverse this is a signal to look to your inner fire and examine whether you still have fuel within you to keep burning or if all you have left is cinders? You might've started your passion project with gusto, but now find you have less and less the energy to continue. Burnout is a very real thing, and without the fuel to continue your journey you'll only end up resenting the work at hand and utterly exhausting yourself. Rest does not mean giving up, it means shoring up fuel for your fire to burn bright another day.


Upright: The Initiate of Water says that you are in tune with intuition and have a keen grasp over the ebb and flow of your emotions. This is good because The Initiate of Water also means that a new emotional journey is beginning. Whether that's romantic, interpersonal, or even a relationship with yourself - The Initiate of Water, asks you to reflect on your emotions for clarity of purpose, while also allowing your intuition to be a guiding light. The waters may not always flow smoothly, but The Initiative of Water says you've got the emotional tools to see yourself through any torrent.

Reversed: When The Initiate of Water appears in reverse it means you're entering a tumultuous time where your intuition and emotions might feel like they're flowing in wild directions. The waters WILL be choppy, but the way to stem the tide is with thoughtful reflection on that which serves you best. Sometimes It's easy to float along, and let the currents take us where they will, but is that the path you want? Or is it just the one of least resistance?


Upright: When The Initiate of Earth appears in a reading it points to grounding yourself in what's practical, and stable to see you through the coming days. Well thought plans, varied checklists, and supportive companions will serve you best right now. Not only that, but you also have the conviction of your most firmly held beliefs to act as the foundation for what you will build. Shore up all these things as corner stones and take stock of what you still need to keep building. The Initiate of Earth knows hard work is ahead but believes you can do it!

Reversed: When The Initiative of Earth is in reverse it acts as a sign that your world may be turned upside down. You may feel like all your trusted foundations are being upended, and that there's no stable ground in sight. You're entering a time of instability but The Initiate of Earth understands, and asks you not to fear. Your strongest foundation will always remain with you. With old structures falling away, you're free to build new ones – whether that means new relationships, new living situation, new friends, or even a new way of looking at yourself - you get to be the architect of that new future looks like.


Upright: When The Fallen Paladin appears it signifies that nows a time where you must act with decisive purpose. There are some that may call you cold and calculated, but it's because you have a clear vision for your goals and are entering a time to execute. That's not to say there won't be any hurdles in your way. The Fallen Paladin, is someone who acts with conscious awareness, deep concentration, and has the ability to easily conquer adversity through unflinching hard work. Reflect on your immediate goals and know that, you too can embody the power of The Fallen Paladin, to accomplish what's in front of you.

Reversed: When The Fallen Paladin appears in reverse it is a sign that you may be myopically focused on your immediate work, without looking at the greater picture. It happens! Sometimes we get over worked or entrenched in a single task, thinking that as soon as THAT task is done, then all the other pieces will fall into place. But that may not be true. It may be time to take a step back, clear your head, and reflect on what it is you truly want to accomplish now and in the future.


Upright: The Unwilling Seraph is a sign that you may feel trapped in a situation, but also asks you to look at what it is that's binding you? A Seraph is a being with tremendous power and strong enough to break free from any restraint. Examine what are the ties that bind you - a job, a relationship, friends, maybe even yourself - and whether they are lifting you up, or making you feel trapped. Know that the power to change this feeling rests within you, once you accept your power is bigger than what keeps you small. Break free, now is the time!

Reversed: When The Unwilling Seraph appears in reverse it could mean that you are too stuck in your ways to allow yourself to break free and grow. It could be that you feel you have too many obligations, too many barriers, too many outside forces that hold you down to do anything about it. This card asks you to reflect on the power and energies within you, to see the way you can start unbinding yourself little by little. It's not a process that happens overnight, but taking decisive steps towards freeing yourself is the important part.


Upright: When The Maiden of Spring appears this signifies a time of abundance and bloom. The dark clouds and rain of winter have dissipated, and though you might have struggled before now, that time has given way to sunny days, and your time to flourish. What has held you back has fallen away and an energy of abundance now lands bright on your shoulder. Reflect on what you can do with this reinvigorating energy, and how you can apply it to empower your dreams and goals. Take full advantage of this cosmic abundance now, because as sweet as spring is, it can't last forever.

Reversed: The Maiden of Spring in reverse it means that spring has come but something is making it difficult for you to embrace its abundance. It could be that though the flowers are blooming, you're lost in the weed. You might be too mired in the problems in front of you, to be aware of the opportunities all around you. Sometimes it's difficult to accept spring has come when the winter was so long. But The Maiden of Spring is a reminder that this abundant energy is waiting for you. Think on all the ways, big and small, this energy may have already appeared in your life. What you find may surprise you.


Upright: When The Maiden of Fall appears it's to remind you that times of gloom, and rain are all part of the natural cycle of life. This card points to you being inundated with difficult emotions that rain down from the problems clouding your life. Know that this is a transitionary, but necessary, phase. In the fall, what starts to wither will make way for new growth in the coming seasons, and this card is a sign that you're allowed to let go of what no longer serves you, to make room for that growth. The skies will not always be dark, and the rain will not always fall. Trust that the sun will shine for you in a new season.

Reversed: The Maiden of Fall in reverse asks you to reflect on the gloomy time you may be experiencing right now. Sometimes dark clouds threaten stormy skies, and never produce a single drop of rain – but we anticipate the storm regardless. The Maiden of Fall in reverse asks, are you're attempting to predict a storm you have no certainty will even come? And is that fraught anticipation keeping you from enjoying the sun when it peeks trough the clouds? Reflect on what negative outcome you're anxiously waiting and whether there are real facts to back that outcome, or if it's a storm that only rages in your mind.


Upright: The Travelers card is an indicator that you're in a transitory state, but this is good! You may have been in a situation that wasn't right for you, or one that was trapping you in comfort - with The Travelers you're being asked to venture on to your next stage. Ask yourself if that job, that relationship, that friendship has run its course? If so then it might be time to leave. Departures can be sad, but think of it as a journey to meet the person you're meant to become.

Reversed: When The Travelers appears in reverse, it shows up as a warning that you may be backsliding or returning to a situation that didn't serve you. Sometimes it's the people and the places we know best that bring us the most comfort, but if that comfort comes at the cost of your growth, you'll have to examine whether it's comfort or growth you really want. Your next adventure awaits on a distant shore – can you put that on hold for the sake of what's familiar? Only you will know for sure, but The Travelers in reverse asks you to examine those options and your feeling about it.