Prepare to enter the fray of the MEGA BATTLE MANGA digital sale (Ends 11/09)

Nov 03, 2020
Prepare to enter the fray of the MEGA BATTLE MANGA digital sale (Ends 11/09)

Gear up for battle, & build your arsenal of books at a big discount!

When we think of Battle Manga sometimes we think, swords clashing, epic fights, and struggles between good and evil - but in manga, battles rage on dance floors, in space, and even in the hearts of love rivals. To celebrate all that is, when it comes to battle manga, we're bringing you the MEGA BATTLE MANGA digital sale! Right now you can get up to 50% off select volume of traditional battle manga where heroes for good fight the odds and forces for evil like Noragami: Stray God, Fire Force, and Yozakura Quartet. But don't forget to also try unconventional battle manga like the BL ballroom drama, 10 Dance, the fashion forward battle for dreams and friendship, Smile Down the Runway, and the competitive card game manga ChihayafuruAnd if you're looking for something a little more out of this world, you can also try the Tsutomu Nihei sci-fi battle series like Aposimz, BLAME!, Knights of Sidonia! You'll find all this and more only in the MEGA BATTLE MANGA digital sale! Just visit one of our participating digital vendors start your journey into a wide array of battles at up to 50% off select volumes: BookwalkercomiXology, Google Play, Kindle, Nook and izneo. Sale runs from November 3 - 9!  

~Mega Battle Manga Digital Sale ~ November 3 - 9 See below for the full list of titles being offered during this sale, and click on the links below to read chapter 1s FREE!

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Noragami: Stray God (Vols. 1-11)

Sale also includes:

10 Dance (Vols. 1-3) A.I.C.O Incarnation (Vols. 1-2 Ajin: Demi-Human (Vols. 1-8 Aposimz (Vols. 1-3) Ayanashi (Vols. 1-2) Basilisk (Vols. 1-3) BLAME! (Vols. 1-3) Boarding School Juliet (Vols. 1-8) Cage of Eden (Vols. 1-11) Cells at Work (Vols. 1-3) Cells at Work: Code Black (Vols. 1-3) Chihayafuru (Vols. 1-11) Devil Survivor (Vols. 1-4) Devils’ Line (Vols. 1-7) Die Wergelder (Vol. 1) Fire Force (Vols. 1-10) The Heroic Legend of Arslan (Vols. 1-7) Karate Heat (Vols. 1-2) Knights of Sidonia (Vols. 1-8) Kokkoku: Moment by Moment (Vols. 1-4) Land of the Lustrous (Vols. 1-5) Livingstone (Vols. 1-2) Loveless (Vols. 1-7) Monster Soul (Vol. 1) Nekogahara: Stray Cat Samurai (Vols. 1-3) Ninja Girls (Vols. 1-5) Ninja Slayer Kills! (Vols. 1-2) Pitch-Black Ten (Vols. 1-2) Pumpkin Scissors (Vols. 1-12) Real Account (Vols. 1-7) Smile Down the Runway (Vols. 1-7) The Seven Deadly Sins (Vols. 1-20) Tokyo Revengers (Vols. 1-9) Toppu GP (Vols. 1-2) That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime (Vols. 1-7) UQ Holder! (Vols. 1-10) Welcome to the Ballroom (Vols. 1-5) Yagyu Ninja Scrolls (Vols. 1-6) Yozakura Quartet (Vols. 1-13) Vinland Saga (Vols. 1-6)