Video game Action/Fantasy Shangri-La Frontier Debuts!

Dec. 09, 2020
Video game Action/Fantasy Shangri-La Frontier Debuts!

The story of a min-maxing maniac conquering digital worlds!

Shangri-La Frontier, Volume 1 Story By: Katrina Art By: Ryosuke Fuji

A self-proclaimed conquerer of terrible VR games, Rakuro Hizutome, a second year high school student, has grown tired of utterly destroying games full of glitches, exploitations and just plain bad design. So when he's challenged to finally take on the god-tier online game, Shangri-La Frontier, Rakuro realizes that all his grinding through flawed games has prepared him for just this kind of ultimate gaming experience. Equipped with his bird-headed avatar, his superb gaming instincts and excellent reflexes Rakuro immediately encounters boss fights, and unique side quests unimagined by newbee players. Will Rakuro conquer Shangri-La Frontier, as he has so many other games - or has this crappy game killer finally met his match! For fans of: Granblue Fantasy, I'm Standing on a Million LivesOtherworldly Munchkin: Let's Speedrun the Dungeon with Only 1 HP! Available digitally from: Amazon Kindle, comiXology, Bookwalker, Google Play, Apple Books & Rakuten Kobo  

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