Welcome to the Brand New Kodansha.us

Mar. 09, 2021
Welcome to the Brand New Kodansha.us

Inspire Impossible Stories

Today we announced the next phase of Kodansha’s English-language publishing program, by debuting a new look and launching our brand-new website, kodansha.us, that spotlights not only the Kodansha manga you know and love but also highlights all of Kodansha’s award-winning and fan-favorite English-language, novels, cookbooks, craft guides, historical/cultural literature, and more. With this launch we are entering a new era of Kodansha, bringing in all titles from Kodansha Comics, Kodansha USA International, and Vertical under a unified Kodansha.

Beyond the website change you might’ve noticed an update to our social media channels. If you would like to stay updated on Kodansha Manga, please visit any of our manga-focused social channels:


And for our latest books news visit any of our Kodansha Books social channels:


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So, join us as we continue to inspire impossible stories, by publishing exciting manga, as well as culturally thoughtful and inspirational books.

—The Kodansha USA Team