The World of Summoning Available Now

Feb 10, 2022
The World of Summoning Available Now

The World of Summoning Simul-pub Debuts

New chapters to debut monthly same-day-as-Japan

Now you can read the latest exciting magical adventure from Kodansha & Yuuki Kodama - The World of Summoning. Fans interested in this new fantasy action manga from the creator of Blood Lad, can now read the first chapter - over 50 pages - at participating digital manga vendors: Bookwalker, KindlecomiXologyCrunchyrollAzuki and izneo. New chapters will be updated every month same-day-as-Japan.

Learn about The World of SummoningWhen creatures, items, and even space itself can be summoned from other worlds, no one should want for anything…right?

Tokoyo, a boy who was abandoned to live with the Summoned in the Fantasy District aims to become a summoner to help all his Summoned friends. When he arrives in Tokyo to attend the Summoning Academy, he’s told he’ll never make it by the first summoner he meets! Tokoyo realizes he has a lot left to learn…and finds a new dream: to become the bridge between humanity and the Summoned!

French-language editions of The World of Summoning simul-pub chapters are also available from Pika Editions.