Go Beyond Streaming: Attack on Titan Universe Sale

Apr 26, 2022
Go Beyond Streaming: Attack on Titan Universe Sale

Caught up with the anime? Now go BEYOND and read to the end at a discount!

The latest season of the Attack on Titan anime may have ended, but now you can read to the very end of the dark fantasy epic AND explore more of the greater AoT universe at a huge discount!

That's right, take up to 50% off every volume of the original anime-inspiring global phenomenon, Attack on Titan. Then explore before the events of the main series, with a prequel that follows the rise of a Titan Cult, and a mysterious child survivor known as "child of the Titans," in Attack on Titan: Before the Fall. If you want to read the origin story behind two of Attack on Titan's most pivotal characters – Levi Ackerman and Erwin Smith – be sure to check out Attack on Titan: No Regrets. And if you're looking for something more light hearted check out the two comedic takes on the Titan world with the school-life AU, Attack on Titan Junior High, and the hilarious gag manga, Spoof on Titan!

Start reading the main Attack on Titan series across a number of all-you-can-eat subscription services like Kindle Unlimited, comiXology Unlimited, INKR, izneo (and more!) – then dive deeper with the Go Beyond Streaming: Attack on Titan Universe digital sale to take up to 50% off select volume after that! To see where you can save, visit one of our participating digital vendors: Bookwalker, Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, Nook, izneo and MyAnimeList

Sale ends Monday, May 2nd! 

Curious about this sale but want to see more? Read the first chapter of the dark fantasy master work, Attack on Titan FREE or click on any of the titles shown below to read the first chapter free!