The World of Attack on Titan Sale

Nov 16, 2022
The World of Attack on Titan Sale

Celebrating Stories from the Hajime Isayama Creative Universe

Special Discounts on the Main Series & Select Spinoffs

Attack on Titan – Volume 1 $.99, Volume 2-8 $2.99
Attack on Titan: Before the Fall –  Volume 1 $2.99
Attack On Titan: Junior High – Volume 1 $3.99

Additional Series & Volumes up to 50% Off

It's finally here! Anime NYC 2022 is upon us and with it the FIRST U.S. visit from modern manga master, Hajime Isayama! Kodansha wants to bring some of that celebration to fans everywhere by offering titanic discounts on stories from all corners Isayama-sensei's creative universe with the the World of Attack on Titan digital sale!

Sale Ends Monday, November 28th! 

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Attack on Titan – Volume 1 $.99, Volume 2-8 $2.99

In this special extended sale we're making we're making it easy for anyone who's only seen the anime to experience the manga with the "first season" (volumes 1-8) available for only $22! That's right get the first volume specially discounted to 99¢, and then get volumes 2-8 for just $2.99 each. And you can continue the story with all additional digital volumes up to 50% off, including the momentous FINAL volume.

Look back to the beginning of this legendary series by reading the 1st chapter FREE!

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall –  Volume 1 $2.99

Turn back the hand of time and experience a tale from the Attack on Titan world before the arrival of Eren Yaeger. Now you can begin this universe expanding series for just $2.99 and learn about the Titan worshiping cult that almost destroyed humanity, the child born from a woman eaten by titans, and the beginning of the Anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment that changed the tide in the war against Titans!

Curious but want to know more? Read the 1st chapter of the Attack on Titan universe expanding prequel FREE!

Attack On Titan: Junior High – Volume 1 $3.99

And for fans of alternate universe comedies comes the Attack on Titan AU you didn't know you wanted. Follow all your favorites including Eren, Mikasa, Armin, as they begin their junior high lives learning side-by-side with titans?! You can begin this hilarious take on the familiar Attack on Titan world for just $3.99!

Want a glimpse and chuckle at the Attack on Titan spinoff comedy you didn't know you wanted? Read the 1st chapter FREE!

To see all the Attack on Titan stories and books on currently on sale take a look at the list below!