PTSD Radio Vol. 1 Now 99¢

Jan 26, 2023
PTSD Radio Vol. 1 Now 99¢

Read the Haunting Fan-Favorite Horror Series Starting at 99¢ for Vol. 1

A blast from the past becomes a new horror hit as fans have discovered the delicious terrors found in PTSD Radio after its print debut. But while readers wait for the next print volume to arrive, horror aficionados can read ALL 6 volumes of the interconnected horror anthology digitally and at a deep discount during the PTSD Radio Throwback Thursday digital manga sale – starting with volume 1 only 99¢!

Sale Ends Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022

Learn about PTSD Radio:

Carried into modern Japan from a forgotten past, the being known as Ogushi haunts and tortures humans of all kinds. Little is know about Ogushi's curse, except that it resides in an unexpected place: human hair.

Like Junji Ito's Uzumaki, PTSD Radio takes something everyday and weaves it into a series of chilling, cryptic, twisted, repellant, and alluring manga stories that become more than what they first seem.

An unseen hand tugs at your braid. You find an old box with only a tangled mess of dark hair inside. You open a door in your home only to witness a river of curls slinking away, an ominous lump at its heart.

Ogushi preys on the unprepared. Before it's too late, tune into PTSD Radio.

Explore this terrifying haunted world during the PTSD Radio Throwback Thursday digital sale and take a deep discount by visiting one of our participating digital vendors: Bookwalker, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Nook, MyAnimeList and more!

Curious but want to see more? Check out the FREE 1st chapter preview below!