Kodansha's Line-wide Sale Gives Away Hundreds of Vol. 1s FREE

Mar 14, 2023
Kodansha's Line-wide Sale Gives Away Hundreds of Vol. 1s FREE

Over 225 FREE Vol 1s Available Now!
Plus Over 3300 Volumes Up to 50% OFF

In Kodansha's BIGGEST line-wide sale we're not only offering up to 50% off on over 3300 volumes of digital manga but are also making even easier to start your favorite new Kodansha series by giving away over 225 volume 1s FREE! Whether it's blockbuster hits like, Attack on Titan, Battle Angel Alita, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, or hidden gems like, The Fable, The Witch and the Beast, Medalist, and even fan-favorite romances like, A Condition Called Love, Kiss Him, Not Me, Vampire Dormitory, Something's Wrong With Us, start hundreds of select series with FREE volume 1s!

For a limited time, manga newbies and veteran aficionados can get all FREE Kodansha manga volume 1s at any of our participating digital retailers and be sure to also take advantage of subsequent volumes all up to 50% off: Amazon KindleBookwalkerGoogle PlayKoboNookMyAnimeList and more! 

Sale Ends Monday, March 27th! 

If you're like many others interested in manga and are wondering where to start or what new series might be right for you and want some recommendations, you're in luck! The manga experts at Kodansha USA have prepared a number of categories to pique your interest! And remember all the spotlighted series below have FREE volume 1s & additional volumes up to 50% off so you can keep reading without stressing about the cost!