April / Fall 2023 New Digital & Print Licensing Announcements

Mar 30, 2023
April / Fall 2023 New Digital & Print Licensing Announcements

New Manga Debuts for April & Fall 2023

Kodansha USA unveils even more new print licenses coming Fall 2023 including a gritty post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure, Gachiakuta, as well as a D&D-esque fantasy romance centered around monstrous cuisine, Pass the Monster Meat, Milady!. And for digital side, shojo fans can delight in reading a new school days rom-com, Love, That's an Understatement – from the author of Lovesick Ellie!

April's debuting digital manga series will be available upon release across all our participating digital vendors, including BookwalkerKindle, Apple BooksGoogle Play, Nook, Kobo, MyAnimeList and more!

And as a reminder, all of Kodansha's Fall 2023 print titles will be available to purchase at local and online book vendors like Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Amazon, and more!


By Kei Urana

Release Date: Fall 2023

One of the most-anticipated new action manga across the globe, Gachiakuta is a must-read for fans of dark, dystopian fantasy like Deadman Wonderland and Fire Force!

A boy lives in a floating town, where the poor scrape by and the rich live a sumptuous life, simply casting their garbage off the side, into the abyss. When he’s falsely accused of murder, though, his wrongful conviction leads to an unimaginable punishment—exile off the edge, with the rest of the trash. Down on the surface, the cast-off waste of humanity has bred vicious monsters, and to travel the path to vengeance against those who cast him into Hell, a boy will have to become a warrior…

Rated: 16+

Pass the Monster Meat, Milady!
Illustrations by Chika Mizube
Original Story by Kanata Hoshi
Original Character Design by Peperon

Release Date: Fall 2023

A fantasy romance about a voracious lady who delights in monster meat and a mad-blooded duke who is swept off his feet by her curious charms. If you loved Delicious in Dungeon and Drifting Dragons, you will be salivating for some grilled moodle and burning hot love in this new series!

Like any proper noble lady, one must have certain acquired tastes. For Melphiera Marchalrayd, she just happens to crave a rather exotic protein—monsters! But do not judge! Despite its bad reputation, monster meat can be used in exquisite cuisine and Melphiera is determined to change the kingdom’s opinion of it! Unfortunately, since debuting in society, Melphiera has been struggling to find her perfect match…until she meets the fearless “Blood-Mad Duke” of Galbraith!

Rated: 13+


Love, That’s an Understatement
By Fujimomo

Release Date: April 25, 2023

Spare eraser? Check. Extra folding umbrella? Check. First aid kit? Check. Cool and collected high school student Risa Amakawa has something in her heavy bag for every situation, and the last thing she needs—or knows how to ask for—is anyone’s help. When she saves a beat-up delinquent in the park one rainy evening, she refuses any sort of repayment. But it turns out that saving the notorious Zen Ohira buys her the attention of some unsavory characters. As Zen keeps swooping in to help her out of one pickle after another, her feelings about relying on anyone but herself—and her feelings toward Zen—slowly begin to change… A new romcom from the author of Lovesick Ellie!

Rated: 13+

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