In/Spectre Volume 1 Now 99¢

Mar 31, 2023
In/Spectre Volume 1 Now 99¢

Anime-inspiring Supernatural Action Adventure Now on Sale!

Though the second season of the In/Spectre anime has come to it's end you can still continue the story with the original manga series! Dive into every pulse-pounding supernatural battle of In/Spectre digitally and at a deep discount during the In/Spectre Throwback Thursday digital manga sale – with volume 1 only 99¢ and additional volumes up to 50% off!

Sale Ends Wednesday, April 2nd, 2022

Learn about In/Spectre:

The new mystery thriller with a romantic edge from the creator of Blast of Tempest and The Record of a Fallen Vampire!

Both touched by spirits called yokai, Kotoko and Kuro have gained unique superhuman powers. But to gain her powers Kotoko has given up an eye and a leg, and Kuro's personal life is in shambles. So when Kotoko suggests they team up to deal with renegades from the spirit world, Kuro doesn't have many other choices, but Kotoko might just have a few ulterior motives …

Explore this action-packed haunted adventure during the In/Spectre Throwback Thursday digital sale and take a deep discount by visiting one of our participating digital vendors: Bookwalker, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Nook, MyAnimeList and more!

Curious but want to see more? Check out the FREE 1st chapter preview below!