Season's Givings Gives Fans 6 Free Volume 1s

Dec 19, 2023
Season's Givings Gives Fans 6 Free Volume 1s

Kodansha gives free digital volume 1s & savings on fan-favorites like A Sign of Affection, The Great Cleric, Witch Hat Atelier, Wandance & more!

We made it! We've reached the end of the year and to celebrate why not make sure that your holiday time is also one filled with new free digital manga to read and enjoy with our Seasons's Giving digital sale. Going on now until the beginning of 2024, fans can get six free digital volume 1s on some of Kodasha's most anime-inpiring, fan-favorite, and perennial favorites. Loved the free volume 1s and want to read more? Take up to 50% off additional digital volumes of each featured series and catch up.

Now's the best time to start the endearing and stylish romance manga, A Sign of Affection (anime coming January 2024); the gritty sentai hero action saga, Go! Go! Loser Ranger!; the artistically stunning and award-winning magical fantasy, Witch Hat Atelier; and more.

Sale Ends Monday, January 5th, 2024! 

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Curious to learn more about the Season's Givings digital manga sale? Take a look below for info and free previews of the six series featured series with free digital volume 1s and up to 50% off additional volumes!

A Sign of Affection
By suu Morishita

Yuki, who’s always been deaf, is used to communicating with sign language and her phone. But she’s not used to English, so when a tourist from overseas asks for directions, she nearly panics…until a handsome stranger steps in to help. His name is Itsuomi, and it turns out he’s a friend of a friend. A charismatic globetrotter, Itsuomi speaks three languages, but he’s never had a deaf friend. The two feel drawn to each other and plan a date on a romantic winter’s night…but Yuki’s friend is afraid that she might be setting herself up to get hurt. Could this be something real? Or will these feelings melt away with the snow?

Rated: 16+

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Go! Go! Loser Ranger!
By Negi Haruba

When the Monster Army invaded Earth thirteen years ago, the Divine Dragon Rangers rose up to stop them! With the war raging on, these great heroes are mankind’s last hope!

…or are they?

In truth, the invaders were subjugated within a year, forced to continue to crank out a monster a week for the Rangers to crush in front of their adoring fans! But one monster has had enough. Something has to change! He’ll rebel against the might of the Dragon Rangers and destroy them all…from the inside!

Rated: 13+

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The Great Cleric
By Hiiro Akikaze, sime and Broccoli Lion

One man’s story of turning blood, sweat, and tears into a successful living—literally! After his untimely death as the hardest-working salary man in Japan, Luciel is reincarnated into the magical fantasy world Galdardia. Always the man with a plan, he recreates himself to be a healer, and sets about making his way in the world. But while Luciel knows a thing or two about making money, he knows absolutely nothing about Galdardia. Will his good heart and great work ethic be enough to make him…The Great Cleric?

Rated: 13+

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Sweat and Soap
By Kintetsu Yamada

Asako’s living her dream, working at the toiletry maker Liliadrop. Little do her coworkers know, the reason she loves the company so much is that she’s ashamed of her body odor, and their soap is the only thing that does the trick. So when the company’s lead product developer, a perfuming genius, approaches her in the lobby and wonders what “that smell” is, she’s terrified… but could it be… that he likes it? And, even more surprising to Asako… does she like him?

Rated: 16+

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By Coffee

Kaboku Kotani is starting high school, and he plans to do what he’s always done: go along with his friends, keep quiet, and not to draw too much attention to himself. After all, it’s hard enough to get by with a stutter like his—why make things worse by standing out from the crowd? But then he sees another first-year, Hikari Wanda, dancing like no one is watching—or like she doesn’t care who sees her. It makes Kaboku wonder: Could he reach that same freedom? To find his way to Wanda, he does something he never thought he could: He joins the dance club. After all, every routine begins with a single step, right?

Rated: 13+

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Witch Hat Atelier
By Kamome Shirahama

In a world where everyone takes wonders like magic spells and dragons for granted, Coco is a girl with a simple dream: She wants to be a witch. But everybody knows magicians are born, not made, and Coco was not born with a gift for magic. Resigned to her un-magical life, Coco is about to give up on her dream to become a witch…until the day she meets Qifrey, a mysterious, traveling magician. After secretly seeing Qifrey perform magic in a way she’s never seen before, Coco soon learns what everybody “knows” might not be the truth, and discovers that her magical dream may not be as far away as it may seem…

Rated: 10+

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