Get Free Vol. 1s & Other Sweet Treats & During this Romantic Digital Manga Sale

Jan 31, 2024
Get Free Vol. 1s & Other Sweet Treats & During this Romantic Digital Manga Sale

Get 4 FREE volume 1s & up to 50% off additional select volumes!

Treat yourself and fulfill your digital manga desires with the tempting offerings in our Sweet Treat digital manga sale! This sale comes with special treats as fans can get FREE digital volume 1s of four select series including, the shape-shifting love comedy, A Kiss with a Cat; the shy-boy-in-love series, Doing His Best to Confess; the high school love story between two "princes", In the Clear Moonlit Dusk; as well as the cozy and sweet domestic romance, Mr. Bride. Not only that but save up to 50% off additional digital volumes and on other romantic sagas like Boarding School Juliet, Knight of the Ice, Living-Room Matsunaga-san!

Sale Ends Monday, February 12th, 2024! 

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Curious to learn more about the series on sale during the Sweet Treats digital manga sale? Take a look below for details on five recommended series!


A Kiss with a Cat
By Miko Senri

Mito, who has no family to rely on, lives on the streets, disguised as a boy. Ruka, a vampire, saves her from a perilous situation and makes her an offer: become his subservient thrall from which he can feed whenever he wants, and she can live with him—in the boys’ dorm. Because her very existence depends on her secret not being found out, every day is a new danger—to say nothing of that vampire! Meanwhile, Ruka, not knowing Mito’s a girl, dotes on her night and day in an attempt to ripen her “disgusting male blood,” but when real feelings develop… this dangerous romance between a crossdressing girl and an obsessive vampire begins!

Rated: 16+

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Doing His Best to Confess
By Satoru

Natsuaki-kun is aloof, handsome, and popular with the ladies…except to his friends, who know his aloofness is because he’s shy and always in his own thoughts. Thoughts always occupied by his oddball classmate, Nashida-san…but try as he might, Natsuaki-kun can’t ever seem to get up the courage to confess. Can he find a way to tell her how he feels?!

Rated: 13+

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In the Clear Moonlit Dusk
By Mika Yamamori

Yoi Takiguchi has long legs, a deep voice, and a handsome face…in other words, Yoi is such a good-looking guy that most people don’t notice or care that she is, in fact, a girl. Indeed, she’s had the nickname “Prince” for as long as she can remember. That is, until she met Ichimura-senpai…the only person who really seemed to see her for herself. To her surprise, she’s not sure how to handle this new relationship, especially when her newfound friend is a prince himself (and a guy prince, at that). The story of the two high school princes starts here!

Rated: 13+

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Mr. Bride
By Natsumi Shiba

Hayami is the it-woman at her job—she’s cool, confident, and admired by all. But her has-it-all exterior belies a dark secret…her house is a mess, and she’s no good at taking care of herself! Enter Yamamoto-kun—her colleague who thinks the world of her, and who refuses to let her slobbish behavior slide. Soon he’s over at her house often enough that she asks him to move in with her! Where will this roundabout relationship take them?!

Rated: 16+

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See below for the full list of Sweet Treats series on sale now until 2/12/24: