Get Over $1500 in Critically Acclaimed Kodansha Manga for $25!

Feb 01, 2024
Get Over $1500 in Critically Acclaimed Kodansha Manga for $25!

Kodansha Celebrates Noted Award-Winning & Nominated Manga with Humble Bundle

Get over $1500 worth of critically acclaimed manga like Vinland Saga, Shangri-La Frontier, Witch Hat Atelier, and more for only $25!

Kodansha and Humble Bundle announced today they are rolling out the red carpet and giving fans over $1500 worth of critically acclaimed manga for only $25 during Kodansha’s Award-Winning (& Nominated) Humble Bundle. Available now until February 22, 2024, this latest Humble Bundle is packed with 135 digital volumes of noted award-winning series like Vinland SagaShangri-La FrontierWitch Hat AtelierWhat Did You Eat Yesterday?, and more. Not only that but each Bundle sold gives back to booksellers and book workers across North America with a portion going to support BINC – the Book Industry Charitable Foundation

Read ’em anywhere: All the acclaimed and celebrated manga featured as part of Kodansha’s Award-Winning (& Nominated) Humble Bundle will be delivered digitally upon purchase in multiple formats, including CBZ, PDF, ePub, and FLAC, so fans can read these titles across their computer, e-readers, tablets, cell phones, and a wide array of mobile devices!

Support charity: Kodansha will be leveraging the purchasing power of each bundle sold – whether it’s at the $1 or the $25 tier – to donate a portion of the proceeds to a worthy cause! This Humble Bundle supports BINC, the Book Industry Charitable Foundation – an organization helping bookstore owners, booksellers, and comic store employees and owners with unforeseen emergency financial needs. Pay what you want and choose how much of your purchase supports BINC or choose a charity of your preference via the PayPal Giving Fund.

See below for details on all the amazing titles fans can expect to get at each tier of Kodansha’s Award-Winning (& Nominated) Humble Bundle:

Pay $1 or more to get:
A Silent Voice Volume 1
Blue Period Volume 1
Medalist Volume 1
Nina the Starry Bride Volume 1
Shangri-La Frontier Volume 1
Witch Hat Atelier Volume 1

Pay $10 or more to get:
A Silent Voice Volumes 2-3
Blue Period 
Volumes 2-8
Medalist Volumes 2-6
Nina the Starry Bride Volumes 2-6
Shangri-La Frontier Volumes 2-8
The Drops of God Volumes 1-15
Vinland Saga Volumes 1-3
What Did You Eat Yesterday? Volumes 1-2
Witch Hat Atelier Volumes 2-5

Pay $15 or more to get:
A Silent Voice Volumes 4-5
Blue Period Volumes 9-13
Medalist Volumes 7-8
Shangri-La Frontier Volumes 9-10
The Drops of God Volumes 16-30
Vinland Saga Volumes 4-9
Witch Hat Atelier Volumes 6-9

Pay $25 or more to get:
A Sign of Affection Volumes 1-7
A Silent Voice Volumes 6-7
Nina the Starry Bride Volumes 7-10
Shangri-La Frontier Volumes 11-12
The Drops of God Volumes 31-44
Vinland Saga Volumes 10-13
What Did You Eat Yesterday? Volumes 3-10
Witch Hat Atelier Volumes 10-11

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