Anime / Manga ReCap Digital Manga Sale

Mar 08, 2024
Anime / Manga ReCap Digital Manga Sale

Get up to 50% on select anime-inspiring series, like Parasyte, A Girl and Her Guard Dog, Initial D, The Witch and the Beast, and more!

Get ready to hit rewind, replay, and relive your favorite manga moments from series that have inspired anime for decades, with our Anime/Manga Recap Digital Manga Sale! Rediscover or catch up on fan-favorite manga series with up to 50% off of select titles including, the alien invasion horror thriller, Parasyte (live-action Netflix series coming 4/5); the silly, messy, multi-love rom-com, Girlfriend, Girlfriend; the high-octane street racing saga turned global phenomenon, Initial D; as well as the gritty art-deco action fantasy, The Witch and the Beast (anime streaming now on Crunchyroll), and more!

Sale Ends Monday, March 18th, 2024! 

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Curious to learn more about some of the anime-inspiring series on sale during the Anime / Manga ReCap Digital Manga Sale? Take a look below for details on four recommended series!


By Hitoshi Iwaaki

Parasyte: The Grey —the Netflix live-action Korean drama from Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho— arrives 4/5/24!

They arrive in silence and darkness. They descend from the skies. They have a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere. They are parasites, alien creatures who must invade—and take control of—a human host to survive. And once they have infected their victims, they can assume any deadly form they choose: monsters with giant teeth, winged demons, creatures with blades for hands. But most have chosen to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces. So no one knows their secret—except an ordinary high school student. Shin is battling for control of his own body against an alien parasite, but can he find a way to warn humanity of the horrors to come?

Rated: 16+

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Girlfriend, Girlfriend

By Hiroyuki

Naoya just got a girlfriend, the gorgeous Saki-chan, and though their intensities often pit them against each other like ice and fire, they’re totally, uncontrollably in love with each other. He vows never to cheat…when out of the blue he receives another confession! Nagisa’s cute, sweet, and she’s made him lunch to boot! He knows he can’t cheat, but he can’t let a cutie like this get away…so he does the logical(?) thing: Asks Saki for permission to date them both! The confidence! The arrogance! The very gall! No matter the outcome, Naoya’s future will be lively!

Rated: 16+

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Initial D

By Shuichi Shigeno

Initial D Omnibus arrives in print, with new translation, and lettering 3/19/24

Tak Fujiwara spends a lot of time behind the wheel. His tofu delivery job sends him racing down the treacherous roads of Mount Akina, and without even realizing it, Tak has mastered racing techniques that take most drivers a lifetime to learn. Of course, none of his friends realize this. They’re all too busy watching the Akina Speed Stars, the local street racing team. When the legendary Red Suns show up to challenge the Speed Stars, it looks as if the Trueno Eight Six that has been seen racing through the mountain roads. The question remains…who’s the driver of this phantom car?

Rated: 16+

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Ya Boy Kongming!
By Yuto Yotsuba and Ryo Ogawa

The Tokyo Party Scene isn’t NEAR ready for the star general of the Three Kingdoms era, but he sure is ready for it! Get down, shake your thing, and prepare to laugh out loud with this historical fantasy timeslip comedy, Ya Boy Kongming!

Rated: 16+

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See below for the full list of Anime / Manga ReCap series on sale now until 3/18/24: