New Fantasy Adventure The Beast Player Debuts Digitally this May

Apr 25, 2024
New Fantasy Adventure The Beast Player Debuts Digitally this May

Kodansha Announces Their May 2024 New Digital Manga License

As seen today on Anime News Network, Kodansha announced their May 2024 new digital manga license—the beautifully rendered fantasy adventure, The Beast Player, by Nahoko Uehashi and Itoe Takemoto. 

Debuting digitally May 14, 2024, The Beast Player, tells the story of Elin, a young girl exiled after her mother, a revered beast doctor, is accused of causing a mysterious illness that claimed the lives of the village's battle beasts, the Toda. 

The Beast Player will be available upon release across all our participating digital vendors, including BookwalkerAmazon KindleApple BooksGoogle PlayNookKoboMyAnimeListMangamo and more! Fans can also purchase and read all Kodansha digital manga via

Take a look below for more details on this upcoming digital debut, as well as a free chapter 1 preview.


The Beast Player
Story by Nahoko Uehashi, Art by Itoe Takemoto

Debut Date: May 14, 2024

Ten-year-old Elin loves her brave and beautiful mother, a gifted beast doctor charged with the care of the Toda—the fearsome giant serpents that the kingdom’s warriors ride into battle. Their modest but happy life together is shattered when a mysterious illness fells the entire stable of the prized serpents overnight, and Elin’s mother is saddled with the blame. Before she knows it, Elin finds herself cast out from all she has ever known, alone in a faraway land, with only her mother’s words and the kindness of strangers to guide her. A sumptuous manga adaptation of the hit fantasy novel series, The Beast Player, by Nahoko Uehashi.

Rated: 13+

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