June 2024 Twilight Out of Focus Print Licensing Announcement

Jun 06, 2024
June 2024 Twilight Out of Focus Print Licensing Announcement

Kodansha Reveals New BL Print Manga Licenses for
Fall 2024 & Spring 2025 

As announced today at the New York Public Library Graphic Pride! BL, Yuri & LGTBQ+ manga celebration, Kodansha will publish two new volumes of the fan-favorite, and anime-inspiring, BL series, Twilight Out of Focus.

Twilight Out of Focus 5: Long Take Part 1 and Twilight Out of Focus 6: Long Take Part 2 by jyanome will debut in both print and digital Fall 2024 and Spring 2025, respectively. This announcement arrives ahead of the premiere of the Twilight Out of Focus anime, inspired by the original manga series, which will begin airing July 2024.  

These two new print licenses be available starting fall 2024 and spring 2025 at physical and online book vendors like Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Amazon, and more. Digital editions of these manga debuts will be available upon release across all our participating vendors, including Bookwalker, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play, Nook, Kobo, MyAnimeList, and more! Fans can also purchase and read all Kodansha digital manga directly on kodansha.us.

See below for title details of these upcoming BL manga debuts from Kodansha: 


Twilight Out of Focus 5: Long Take Part 1

By jyanome

Winter is coming for roommates-turned-lovers Mao and Hisashi, bringing with it a whole slew of unexpected challenges and a noted cooling in their relationship that makes Mao wonder if the foundation they’ve built really is as strong as it once seemed. To make matters worse, this period of transition before their final year of high school has also shaken up the one constant Mao had always relied on: film. Weighed down by such uncertainty, will the two manage to find something solid to see them through a season of darkness, or will the curtain fall on their romance for good?

Debut Date: Fall 2024
Rated: 18+

Twilight Out of Focus 5: Long Take Part 2

By jyanome

Amidst the anxieties of preparing for his final year in high school, film club cameraman Mao plucks up his courage and asks his boyfriend Hisashi to take a big step forward in their relationship. But what seemed like a great idea at first leads to a whole series of other questions that leave Mao at a loss and the two at a crossroads. And just when they most need some quality time together, Mao and Hisashi are forced to split up for a school field trip that threatens to disrupt their connection—and attracts unexpected attention from a clandestine figure lurking in the shadows.

Debut Date: Spring 2025
Rated: 18+