December 2022 New Digital Licensing Announcement

Kodansha USA Publishing announced today their latest all-new digital manga licenses debuting in December 2022.

This December, Kodansha unveils two supernatural adventures as part of this month’s digital manga debuts, including the witchy rom-com, The Shape-Shifting Witch’s Kiss; and the supernatural battle manga, Beast #6.

All of December’s debuting digital manga series will be available upon release across all our participating digital vendors, including BookwalkerKindle, Apple BooksGoogle Play, Nook, Kobo, MyAnimeList and more!


The Shape-Shifting Witch’s Kiss
By Maho Funeno

Release Date: December 6, 2022

Tohru has a superpower – he manages to be invisible without any magic at all! In fact, the only one who truly sees him is his childhood friend, Tsumugi, leading Tohru to have the crush to end all crushes on her. But when Tohru’s “ability” leads him to accidentally discover a witch and strip her of her powers, he thinks he’s screwed…until she offers to help him hook up with Tsumugi. But this witch’s powers are revived only with a kiss? One thing’s for sure—Tohru won’t be invisible for long!

Rated: 16+

Free Chapter 1 Preview

Beast #6
By Kohei Nagashii

Release Date: December 26, 2022

Fifteen years ago, indiscriminate supernatural attacks rocked Japan-prompting the government to create the Tactical Raveling Unit in the First Counter-Psychotrauma Division of the Special Measures Agency…or TR1M, for short. Their purpose? To deal with the monstrous manifestations called the Unraveled. And they’re good, too… so when TR1M agent, Raveler Second Class Nika Ago, is shipped to a far-off backwater, she knows her poor performance is to blame…but what she doesn’t expect is to find a hotbed of Unraveled activity, and a boy with a secret who just might be her way back into TR1M’s good graces!

Rated: 13+

Free Chapter 1 Preview

Fall 2023 New Print Licensing Announcement

First announced at Anime NYC 2022, Kodansha USA reveals a tremendous slate of new print licenses including all-new series, premium editions, box sets & more, all set to debut Fall 2023. Take a look below for the full list of the amazing manga coming in the next year.

All of Kodansha’s Fall 2023 print titles will be available to purchase at local and online book vendors like Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Amazon, and more!

For more information on these as well as any other Kodansha USA manga, visit


Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir
By Koma Warita
Illustrated by Riku Tsuchida
Created by ZAG with Toei Animation

Return to Paris with Marinette and Adrian in the manga of the beloved animated series, now streaming on Netflix! 

Marinette is your typical high school student. She’s cheery, a bit awkward, and a little clumsy. But what’s not so typical is, she can transform into a superhero! Disguised as the confident Ladybug, Marinette protects the streets of Paris alongside fellow superhero Cat Noir–who, unbeknownst to Marinette, is Marinette’s classmate Adrian. Not only are Marinette and Adrian unaware of each other’s secret identities, they’re also criss-crossed crushes–Marinette has a crush on Adrian, while Chat Noir has a crush on Ladybug! As if being a teenager and a crime fighting superhero wasn’t enough!

Rated: 8+

I’m Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness: I’ll Spoil Her with Delicacies and Style to Make Her the Happiest Woman in the World!
Manga by Ichiho Katsura
Story by Fukada Sametaro
Character Design by Miwabe Sakura

What does a young noblewoman freshly betrayed by her betrothed need most? A crash course in everything naughty! And who better to teach her than the feared hermit sorcerer who for some reason can’t help but pamper her to no end?

Rated: 13+

By Boichi

Tokyo, 2048. Japan is now connected to the entire northern hemisphere by the Eurasian Railroad, and all manner of crime and vice pour into the megalopolis at its eastern terminus. Little do the people know that inhuman beings live among us, however–robots with high-level AI, who will kill to survive. Only one ‘man’ can stop them –their prototype: ORIGIN.

Rated: 13+

By Tina Yamashina

“Looking for love, but afraid you’ll never find it?” Come Live at the Love House! Six strangers, one house, one shared goal: love. What could go wrong?

Rated: 16+

The Girl Who Became a Fish
(Maiden’s Bookshelf)

By Osamu Dazai
Illustrated by Nekosuke

Suwa, a charcoal burner’s daughter, lives together with her father in a small village at a foot of a mountain so remote it doesn’t even appear on maps. Slowly she comes to realize the dark futility of her life, leading to a strange and elliptical transformation… Dazai depicts the adolescent awakening to death and the desire to escape through this quiet and ominous tale.

Rated: 13+

Spring Comes Riding in a Carriage (Maiden’s Bookshelf)
By Riichi Yokomitsu
Illustrated by Atsuki Ito

A more intimate and romantic entry in the Maiden’s Bookshelf series, this tale of doomed romance brings together the so-called “God of Literature” with the gorgeous artwork of Atsuki Ito, author of A Love-Letter in 26 Characters.

Rated: 13+

The Darwin Incident
By Shun Umezawa

Created in a biological science lab, Charlie is a half human, half chimpanzee hybrid known as a “Humanzee.”

Raised by his adoptive human parents, Charlie is now 15 and starting high school. There he meets Lucy, a clever loner who becomes his first-ever friend.

But his “normal” life is shattered when the animal rights extremists who freed his mother from the lab fifteen years ago reemerge as terrorists bent on kidnapping Charlie at all costs.

Rated: 16+

The Moon on a Rainy Night
By Kuzushiro

This highly-anticipated yuri romance about a high school girl entranced by her intelligent, enigmatic, hearing-impaired classmate is a must-read for fans of Bloom Into You and Whisper Me a Love Song.

One day, while rushing to a piano lesson, a girl named Saki collides with someone on the street. As Saki collects herself, the stranger picks up the sheet music Saki dropped, hands it to Saki together with a band-aid, and continues on her way—all without saying a word. Saki is left wondering about the identity of the tall, lovely stranger, only to discover the next day that she is one of her classmates at her new high school. The girl’s name is Kanon, and though she is hearing impaired, she refuses any kind of support or “special treatment” from her teachers or classmates. Over the course of the year, Saki slowly grows closer to Kanon and begins to chip away at her cold exterior.

Rated: 16+

My Ultramarine Sky
By Nagisa Furuya

From the creator of My Summer of You comes a BL high school romance about two friends who’ve always been in the same class, but when a new school year separates them, they realize that their feelings for each other might run deeper than friendship… 

From their first year of middle school to their second year of high school, Kai and Ren have not only always been in the same class—they’ve also always sat next to each other. But in their last year of high school, the boys are assigned to two separate classes, and with each passing day, Kai feels as if he’s slipping further and further away from Ren… One day, when Kai finds Ren sleeping in a classroom after school, he whispers the feelings that he can’t bring himself to say out loud…and Ren hears him. Will Kai’s confession push them further and further apart, or will it be the spark that brings them back to each other?

Rated: 13+

The Summer With You: The Sequel
(My Summer of You Vol. 3)

By Nagisa Furuya

Chiharu and Wataru return in this cinematic sequel to Nagisa Furuya’s beloved summer romance boys’ love series! 

Their first memorable summer was in high school, followed by their first summer together as college students… Now, Wataru and Chiharu are in their second year of college, and the two boys can’t wait to spend another summer together. Now back from his study abroad program, Chiharu is ecstatic to see Wataru for the first time in two months, and Wataru’s thankful that they’ll have more time to spend with each other, without also having to balance work and school. One of their plans has the two return to the cinema for a movie date to celebrate Wataru’s 20th birthday, but what other memories will the summer have in store for them?

Rated: Older Teen 16+

Super Morning Star
By Kara Aomiya

When a classmate finds out he’s secretly a sentai star, Kaido’s precious life as a regular high schooler is in danger of being stolen—and so’s his heart, in this BL rom-com for fans of Hitorijime My Hero

At high school, Kaido seems to be a scary delinquent, but he’s leading a second life—as the star of a sentai superhero live show! When sentai superfan classmate Honda discovers Kaido’s secret, Kaido will stop at nothing to make sure it doesn’t get out, but despite himself, the charismatic performer finds himself falling for his biggest fan…

Rated: Older Teen 16+

Ogami-san Can’t Keep It In
By Yu Yoshidamaru

Fantasies run wild as thirsty high school girl Ogami-san must learn to keep her thoughts—and hands—to herself, in this raunchy coming-of-age romcom with a bizarre, blabbermouth twist!

Ogami-san has been keeping a dirty little secret from her peers at school—puberty has emptied her mind of everything but perverted fantasies! For the sake of leading an ordinary school life, she pulls out all the stops to keep her mental wild side under wraps. But when she literally reaches a hand out to Yaginuma-kun, a cute but mysterious boy in her class, her innermost thoughts just come spilling out! All she wants is to get to know him (and his body) better, but she can’t do that without the risk of exposing her true self. What’s a girl to do?!

Rated: Older Teen 16+

My Lovesick Life as a ’90s Otaku
By Nico Nicholson

Relive 1990s otaku culture with this sentimental and comical reflection of a teen’s path to self-acceptance. This nostalgic coming-of-age story is perfect for fans of Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku! 

Otaku culture has finally become mainstream, and Megumi can’t quite get used to it. Divorced, with a teen daughter, Megumi thinks fondly back to her days as an anime and manga otaku—in 1995. That year, she transferred to a new school and decided to start fresh by hiding her otaku interests. She found herself taken under the wing of a basketball ace named Masamune, who’s got a kind heart and looks just like one of her favorite characters. But, though Megumi catches a whiff of destiny in the air, she’s crushed to learn that Masamune detests otaku…

Rated: Teen 13+

How I Met My Soulmate
By Anashin

From the creator of Waiting for Spring comes a meditation on just what destiny means, and whether “the one” is really out there. 

Yuki is a 20-year-old college sophomore who has wished for one thing since moving to Tokyo: to find her soulmate. Growing a bit desperate after a long drought, she goes along with a friend to a club for the first time. Her friend thrives, but it’s chaotic and loud…just not Yuki’s scene. Just when Yuki begins to despair that she’ll ever find a real, adult relationship, she meets Iori, a man with bleached hair and a slightly scary demeanor…but first impressions don’t always tell the whole story. Could destiny still have more cards to play?

Rated: Teen 13+

King in Limbo
By Ai Tanaka

From the creator of Apple Children of Aeon comes a gripping, six-volume thriller manga about trauma, healing, friendship, and a global conspiracy to keep people sick. A must for fans of suspenseful, complex manga like Naoki Urasawa’s Monster and 
The Promised Neverland.

It’s been eight years since the pandemic in which a deadly sleeping sickness claimed millions of lives. After a serious injury cost him a leg (and, nearly, his life), Petty Officer Adam Garfield retires from active service in the U.S. Navy. But his plan to focus on his family and physical therapy is shattered when he receives secret word that the sleeping sickness has returned, and it’s his job to bring back the mysterious man who helped cure it by diving into people’s memories—a man known by the codename “King.”

Rated: Older Teen 16+

Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen
By Hiromi Sato
Based on Witch Hat Atelier created by Kamome Shirahama

The tasty spinoff to the acclaimed magical saga Witch Hat Atelier follows two fan-favorite characters in their after-hours culinary adventures.

The only time adults have to themselves is after the Sun goes down and the kids are in bed—that’s just as true in the magical world! During the day, the atelier bustles with the cries and magical misfires of little witches learning how to cast spells and get along. But nighttime is Qifrey and Olruggio’s time, to laze in the kitchen, cook, eat, and chat.

Rated: Teen 13+


Vinland Saga Deluxe Edition
By Makoto Yukimura

Amid the chaos of the Viking war for dominance over England, a boy has everything taken from him and vows revenge. But violent dreams bring no peace… The violent and complex action epic that inspired the hit anime returns, in premium, 3-in-1, collector’s hardcovers!

As a child, Thorfinn sat at the feet of the great Leif Ericson and thrilled to wild tales of a land far to the west. But his youthful fantasies were shattered by a mercenary raid. Raised by the Vikings who murdered his family, Thorfinn became a terrifying warrior, forever seeking to kill the band’s leader, Askeladd, and avenge his father. Sustaining Thorfinn through his ordeal are his pride in his family and his dreams of a fertile westward land, a land without war or slavery…the land Leif called Vinland.

Rated: Older Teen 16+

Blue Period Manga Box Set 1
By Tsubasa Yamaguchi

The first six volumes of the coming-of-age art manga that inspired the hit Netflix anime in a handsome box set, plus a bonus booklet packed with exclusive art and other goodies!

Popular guy Yatora realizes he’s just going through the motions to make other people happy and finds himself in a new passion: painting. But untethering yourself from all your past expectations is dangerous as well as thrilling…

2020 Manga Taisho Grand Prize Winner, YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens selection, Texas Library Association, Maverick Graphic Novels Reading List unanimous selection

Rated: Older Teen 16+

Cells at Work! Omnibus
By Akane Shimizu

The exciting, hilarious, and surprisingly educational manga that delves inside the human body returns in two oversized, 3-in-1 omnibus volumes!

Strep throat! Hay fever! Influenza! The world is a dangerous place for a red blood cell just trying to get her deliveries finished. Fortunately, she’s not alone… she’s got a whole human body’s worth of cells ready to help out! This fun and imaginative manga inspired a world of spinoffs and a smash-hit anime adaptation.

Rated: Teen 13+

Magic Knight Rayearth (Paperback)

CLAMP’s masterwork Magic Knight Rayearth—now in paperback! The original girl-powered isekai adventure—perfect for fans of Sailor Moon and She-Ra—brings the updated translation and lettering of the hardcover box sets to a more accessible format.

While on a field trip to Tokyo Tower, three teenage girls cross a magical portal and are transported to another world called Cefiro. The Princess Emeraude summoned them with the last vestiges of her remaining strength, believing the trio will become the magic knights prophesied by legend to save the realm!

Rated: 13+

By Satoru Nii

Welcome to Furin, where the strongest survive…to protect the weak! A different kind of delinquent manga perfect for fans of Tokyo Revengers.

Haruka Sakura wants nothing to do with weaklings—he’s only interested in the strongest of the strong. He’s just started at Furin High School, a school of degenerates known only for their brawling strength—strength they use to protect their town from anyone who wishes it ill. But Haruka’s not interested in being a hero or being part of any sort of team—he just wants to fight his way to the top!

Rated: Older Teen 16+

Tying the Knot with an Amagami Sister
By Marcey Naito

One self-made med student, three shrine maidens, and one devious marriage plot. If you loved The Quintessential Quintuplets, you’ve found your new obsession!

Uryu Kamihate has had a rough start to life, but plans to forget it all by achieving his dream—matriculating into medical school. But when he arrives at his new foster home, a working shrine, his dream of a quiet place to study goes up in smoke. Not only will he be living with the three beautiful, lively Amagami sisters—but he learns that he must marry one of them and take over the temple!

Rated: Older Teen 16+

Nina the Starry Bride

Nina was plucked off the street purely because she resembled a dead priestess—but is this a lucky break, or a new kind of curse? Gripping palace intrigue and romance in the vein of Yona of the Dawn and The Ancient Magus’ Bride.

Nina had a rough start to life, stealing to survive—and eventually being sold into slavery by her own brother. But to her surprise, her captor, Prince Azure, ordained that she would live the life of a princess…specifically, that of the recently deceased princess-priestess, Alisha. But despite her changing fortune, Nina won’t give up her old life without a fight…and Azure might just be the one to finally match her wits. But how much can she trust Azure? And can she stop the feelings budding in her heart, knowing she must eventually marry another…?

Rated: Older Teen 16+

She’s My Knight
By Saisou

A role-reversal romance perfect for fans of Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie!

Haruma Ichinose, 17, has been popular since he was born. So popular, in fact, that he figured no one could even come close…until he met Yuki Mogami. She’s tall, cool, collected, and totally makes him crazy. He may just be in love…but can he deal with falling for someone even more dashing than himself?

Rated: Teen 13+

The World of Attack on Titan Sale

Celebrating Stories from the Hajime Isayama Creative Universe

Special Discounts on the Main Series & Select Spinoffs

Attack on Titan – Volume 1 $.99, Volume 2-8 $2.99
Attack on Titan: Before the Fall –  Volume 1 $2.99
Attack On Titan: Junior High – Volume 1 $3.99

Additional Series & Volumes up to 50% Off

It’s finally here! Anime NYC 2022 is upon us and with it the FIRST U.S. visit from modern manga master, Hajime Isayama! Kodansha wants to bring some of that celebration to fans everywhere by offering titanic discounts on stories from all corners Isayama-sensei’s creative universe with the the World of Attack on Titan digital sale!

Sale Ends Monday, November 28th! 

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Attack on Titan – Volume 1 $.99, Volume 2-8 $2.99

In this special extended sale we’re making we’re making it easy for anyone who’s only seen the anime to experience the manga with the “first season” (volumes 1-8) available for only $22! That’s right get the first volume specially discounted to 99¢, and then get volumes 2-8 for just $2.99 each. And you can continue the story with all additional digital volumes up to 50% off, including the momentous FINAL volume.

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Attack on Titan: Before the Fall –  Volume 1 $2.99

Turn back the hand of time and experience a tale from the Attack on Titan world before the arrival of Eren Yaeger. Now you can begin this universe expanding series for just $2.99 and learn about the Titan worshiping cult that almost destroyed humanity, the child born from a woman eaten by titans, and the beginning of the Anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment that changed the tide in the war against Titans!

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Attack On Titan: Junior High – Volume 1 $3.99

And for fans of alternate universe comedies comes the Attack on Titan AU you didn’t know you wanted. Follow all your favorites including Eren, Mikasa, Armin, as they begin their junior high lives learning side-by-side with titans?! You can begin this hilarious take on the familiar Attack on Titan world for just $3.99!

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November 2022 New Digital Licensing Announcement

Kodansha USA Publishing announced today their latest offering for all-new debuting digital manga series starting November 2022.

To fit the theme of the season, Kodansha’s November digital series debuts bring a double serving of food-centric sagas like the tea-focused, fake marriage rom-com, Matcha Made in Heaven; and the incredibly cute Japanese food tour series, The Food Diary of Miss Maid.

All of November’s debuting digital manga series will be available upon release across all our participating digital vendors, including BookwalkerKindleApple BooksGoogle PlayNookKoboizneoMyAnimeList and more!


Matcha Made in Heaven  
By Umebachi Yamanaka 

Release Date: November 8, 2022

Chako Hananoki thought she’d found happiness in a handsome fiancé, but when she realized a marriage to him would mean a total erasure of herself, she broke it off and moved back into her childhood home in the country—only to find a strange man and young woman living there? She finds a way to coexist with them, but when her stalker fiancé follows her home, she declares to him (and accidentally to the whole village as well) that this new man in her life is her husband?! A dramatic fake-marriage, found-family story for the ages, by the illustrator of the Ossan’s Love manga adaptation!

Rated: 13+

Read Free Ch. 1 Preview

The Food Diary of Miss Maid
By Susumu Maeya 

Release Date: November 29, 2022

What’s a maid to do when she finds herself suddenly stuck in Japan for a year? Eat, of course! Follow maid-in-training Suzume Tachibana as she tries all sorts of Japanese food, from sweets like taiyaki and melon bread to savory snacks like takoyaki and onigiri! Be warned, though—while Suzume sates her appetite through delicious treat after delicious treat, she might just end up whetting yours! 

Rated: 13+

Read Free Ch. 1 Preview

The Ghost in the Shell Meganet Sale

Get The Ghost in the Shell volumes 1, 1.5 & 2 for only $25

For fans of cyberpunk worlds, Kodansha USA is bringing a special sale celebrating the seminal sci-fi manga universe of The Ghost in the Shell by Shirow Masamune with The Ghost in the Shell Meganet digital sale!

Right now we’re making it easer than ever to dive into this classic series by pricing The Ghost in the Shell vol. 1 for just $4.99. Not only that but you can also get vol. 1.5 & 2 for $9.99 each!

Want to explore the meganet even further? Read spinoff series like Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, and the ongoing The Ghost in the Shell: The Human Algorithm, as well as the anthology collection Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network for up to 50% off!

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Sale Ends Monday, November 7th! 

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Mushishi now 99¢ for Vol. 1 + More Savings

Get vol. 1 for 99¢ and take up to 50% off subsequent volumes!

As we bring the Halloween season to a close we wanted to spotlight the beautifully creepy manga series, Mushishi by Yuki Urushibara for this month’s Throwback Thursday digital sale! An anime-inspiring favorite, Mushishi is a dreamlike manga series about a wandering healer on a journey to help those afflicted by supernatural maladies with wonderful art throughout! For a limited time manga fans can take advantage of this Throwback Thursday digital sale to start this haunting yet serene series for only 99¢ for volume 1 and up to 50% off additional volumes after that!

Sale Ends Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022

Learn about Mushishi: Some live in the deep darkness behind your eyelids. Some eat silence. Some thoughtlessly kill. Some simply drive men mad. They are known as mushi—creatures that came into being shortly after life emerged from the primordial ooze. They still exist parallel to our own lives and can only be seen by a select few. As a mushishi, Ginko is one of the few who are aware of their existence, and this young man with a sardonic smile roams from place to place with the knowledge and skill to aid those unwittingly affected by mushi. Watch the first season of the anime on Crunchyroll!

To dive into the Mushishi Throwback Thursday digital sale and start this wonderfully esoteric series at a deep discount just visit one of our participating digital vendors: Bookwalker, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Nook, izneo, MyAnimeList and more!

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Looking for more from this Author?: Discover Yuki Urushibara Manga

Haunting Manga: Mysteries & Thrillers Digital Sale

Save on Mystery-filled Scares

Kodansha ends it’s devilishly good month of haunting manga spotlights with the mysteries and thrillers that keep us awake at night piecing together the clues of conspiracy, intrigue and murder. Piece together the clues and get to the bottom of the Haunting Manga: Mysteries & Thrillers sale with select digital manga up to 50% off!

Right now save big on engrossing whodunits like the undercover twin revenge mystery, Arisa (from the author of Something’s Wrong With Us); the brutal missing memories saga, Back When You Called US Devils; the high-drama stolen identity drama, Kasane; the featured ghostly curse filled, PTSD Radio (now in print); and more!

Find some spooky good savings and take up to 50% off digital manga featuring brain-teasing enigmas during the Haunting Manga: Mysteries & Thrillers digital sale! To see all the discounted series being offered right now, visit one of our participating digital vendors: BookwalkerAmazon KindleGoogle PlayKoboNookizneoMyAnimeList and more! 

Sale Ends Monday, October 31th! 

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Still looking to browse more manga at a discount? See below for the full list of scary series on sale during the Haunting Manga: Mysteries & Thrillers digital sale!

Attack on Titan Creator Hajime Isayama Comes to Anime NYC 2022


Isayama’s “Attack On Titan” Comic Has Sold Over 100 Million Copies In Print Worldwide

Javits Center (655 W. 34th Street at 11th Avenue)

Anime NYC Powered By Crunchyroll and Kodansha USA Publishing, LLC today announced Japanese manga creator mega star Hajime Isayama will meet fans and media for the first time in  North America this November at the upcoming Anime NYC festival. Isayama’s Attack on Titan is one of the most popular manga series of all time and has created a $500 million media empire spanning manga, anime, live-action movies, stage plays, video games, and merchandise.

Running November 18-20, 2022 in New York’s Javits Center (655 W. 34th Street at 11th Avenue), Anime NYC brings over 50,000 passionate fans together with leading creators and companies from the heart of the Japanese entertainment world. Celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, in addition to Isayama, Anime NYC will play host to Japanese guests of honor including Shuko Murase (Director, Gundam Hathaway), Setsuo Ito (Voice Actor, Mob Psycho 100), and Yoko Shimomura (Composer, FINAL FANTASY XV). Beyond Kodansha, major Japanese entertainment companies including Aniplex, Bandai, Crunchyroll, GKIDS, HIDIVE, VIZ Media, and Yen Press will showcase what’s currently hot from Japan to dedicated fans at the fete.

The 36-year-old Hajime Isayama launched his Attack on Titan in 2009, and it concluded after 34 volumes in 2021. A dark and gripping tale of humanity in a war with grotesque giants known as Titans, Attack on Titan has been praised by fans and critics alike for its combination of intense action and horror together with political intrigue and intricate world-building. The New York Times best-selling saga has sold over 100 million copies in print, and the series has won numerous awards across Japan and the US including the Kodansha Manga Award, Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, and Harvey Award. The anime based on this smash manga success will continue its final season in 2023.

“This is it—Hajime Isayama in his first U.S. appearance, and it’s going to be at Anime NYC,” said Alvin Lu, President & CEO of Kodansha USA Publishing. “After more than ten years of publishing Attack on Titan, we are very, very excited to help host Isayama-sensei and to see him meet the fans that have loved and supported this amazing pop-culture phenomenon throughout the years. This will be an Anime NYC to remember.”

Attack on Titan changed the world,” said Anime NYC Event Director Peter Tatara. “It told a startling story unlike anything else in Japanese or American entertainment and led to a new generation falling in love with Japanese comics and dedicating their hearts to Isayama’s incredible characters. We’re now absolutely honored to play host to Hajime Isayama and give his American fans their very first opportunity to meet the legendary creator.”

Hajime Isayama will conduct a rare signing for fans on Friday, November 18 at Anime NYC, and he will then appear on Anime NYC’s Main Stage on Saturday, November 19 for a talk about his masterpiece. Details on tickets for his signing and Main Stage session will be announced in early November. He will also be available for limited media interviews.

Kodansha will host a booth all three days of Anime NYC featuring a special Attack on Titan activation. Find them at Anime NYC at booth #1530.

Limited badges for Anime NYC are available at To learn the latest about Hajime Isayama and upcoming Anime NYC guests, follow the event on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

About Hajime Isayama
Born in Oita, Japan in 1986, Hajime Isayama’s debut work, orz, received the 81st Weekly Shonen Magazine Rookie Award in 2008, and debuted at Magazine Special. He started serializing Attack on Titan in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. A global sensation, Attack on Titan received the 35th Kodansha Manga Award.

About Attack on Titan
A century ago, the grotesque giants known as Titans appeared and consumed all but a few thousand humans. The survivors took refuge behind giant walls. Today, the threat of the Titans is a distant memory, and a boy named Eren yearns to explore the world beyond Wall Maria. But what began as a childish dream will become an all-too-real nightmare when the Titans return and humanity is once again on the brink of extinction. Attack on Titan is the award-winning and New York Times-bestselling series that is the manga hit of the decade! Spawning the monster hit Anime television series of the same name, Attack on Titan has become a pop culture sensation. For more, visit

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Haunting Manga: Supernatural Sagas Digital Sale

We’re starting the countdown to the end of the Halloween season but until then we’ll continue our scary manga celebration with this week’s spotlight on Haunting Manga: Supernatural Sagas!

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Celebrating Hit Manga Turned Anime with the Manga Animated Sale!

We’re kicking off a brand new series of digital sales celebrating fan-favorite manga that’s made the jump to anime with the Manga Animated digital sale spotlight! And we could think of no better series to start with than the heart-pounding, last-man-standing soccer saga, BLUE LOCK by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura. Get a jump on this series and read beyond the anime with vol. 1 only 99¢ and additional volumes up to 50% off! But hurry the buzzer will be up on this sale before you know it!

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Learn about BLUE LOCK: After a disastrous defeat at the 2018 World Cup, Japan’s team struggles to regroup. But what’s missing? An absolute Ace Striker, who can guide them to the win. The Japan Football Union is hell-bent on creating a striker who hungers for goals and thirsts for victory, and who can be the decisive instrument in turning around a losing match…and to do so, they’ve gathered 300 of Japan’s best and brightest youth players. Who will emerge to lead the team…and will they be able to out-muscle and out-ego everyone who stands in their way?

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