Banzai Banquets

As the world has become smaller our dinning habits have changed. With new fusion cuisines and a variety ideas for decor and design being incorporated everywhere, Riko Yamawaki's Banzai Banquets is a good example of Japan's take on this exciting global movement in dining.

Ask anyone about catering and party meals, and they will all say they wish to see dishes that are easy to make and equally easy on the eyes. For the best experiences, they also hope for a few surprises to their senses, as even little dishes and stylish decorative designs can turn a good into great. So for even the most busy of times, food coordinator Riko Yamawaki, of Tokyo's Riko's Kitchen cooking school, has compiled a treasure-trove of casually stylish dishes that will make every meal a memorable event and every party into a bash!

By using simple sense and an eye for design, you an make menus that will have people calling for these 105 recipes.


Nouveau Japoinese Dishes

  • Poached Eggs and Avo-Veggie Salad
  • Anchovy and Pine Nut Pasta
  • Japanese Egg-Salad Sandwiches with Walnut-Tofu Mousse
  • Meat Miso Lettuce Wraps

Dishes from Traditional Japanese Ryotei

  • Grilled Sea Bream
  • Baked Apples in Pork Belly
  • Herbed Saury on a bed of Rice
  • Beef Marrow with Japanese Fruit

Appealing Appetizers

  • Rum-raisin Pork
  • Goya-Burgers
  • Yellow-tail Meatball Soup
  • Blanched Cucumber and Celery Salad

Coordinate for the Scene and Season

  • Summer Picnics
  • The Japanese Inn Dinner
  • A Casual Christmas
  • First Impressions