Densho Origami

Densho origami is based on figures from Japanese folklore, handed down from generation to generation for over a hundred years. These densho origami figures are all quite simple to make, but beautiful and balanced, and are considered an expression of Japan's heart, soul, wisdom, and culture.

Densho Origami introduces thirty-five of the most classic, beloved origami figures—the crane, the samurai helmet, the ninja star, the goldfish, etc. The instructions are extremely easy to follow and rely on over 500 3-D, computer-generated diagrams which guide the reader through each step.

With its clean design, careful instructions, and highly-detailed diagrams, Densho Origami is the perfect first book for both children and adults who want to explore this charming, creative, and rewarding art. It's also an ideal way for adults to share origami with children, continuing the long tradition of passing on to the next generation, a love and appreciation for what's come before.