Four Seasons of Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. Because of its solemn and majestic view, this mountain has been adored as a religious object, and loved by people in Japan from ancient days. Even though it is hard to climb to the top, it is possible to ascend to the middle by car, so an increasing number of overseas visitors are now making the climb.

What is mesmerizing about Mt. Fuji is its ever-changing appearance, transformed from day to night and season to season, yet always breathtaking. This book features forty images of the mountain taken by two professional photographers who have devoted many years to capturing its beauty on film. In addition to the photographs, there are images of Mt. Fuji in art and crafts, which emphasizes the importance of the mountain to many aspects of Japanese culture. Back matter includes a history of Mt. Fuji, popular climbing routes to the top, spots offering the best views, and maps for locating accommodations.