Mr. Reaper

A hungry wolf searches the forest for a long-awaited meal, when his senses find something. At first he is not certain if his mind is playing tricks on him, but before him is a young piglet resting in a clearing. His wish has come true! He can eat again!

But there is something about this piglet that does not settle well with the wolf. The piglet seems to not be resting, at all. Instead, she appears to be in great pain.
Feeling guilty for wishing to take advantage of a being in need, the wolf takes the piglet into his home. And then begins a long and brave process to prepare for the piglet's future, whether its health turns for the better or worse.

Watching over the two is the story's narrator...Mr Reaper. Finding Mr Reaper is part of the tale, as his eyes lead the cast through many trials and a very unusual ending.